The attractive face of D

First things first, D here is Death. But do not get the author wrong. This is not a philosophical discourse. Just a light hearted wandering through the literary depictions of various personifications of death in fiction…

The above fig is an outline of how D is represented. Now this one is a hooded guy with a weapon who instills a sense of mystery ..hmm ..and somewhere down the lane I guess the literary/artistic stalwarts decided to make D appear more menacing than mysterious ….

So came the bad-ass skull features ,background and grandeur. An intimidation of the human psyche not by mystery but rather by the sheer romanticism of the dark side …

Of course there is the comical side from kids’ films and Indian folk tale based movies ….

And then …

… the author during one of his dilettantish random flights through the web , came aross this version of death…

Wabba wabba! Now thats the way to make the death personification actually popular πŸ˜› ……

References : Search for the Sandman series by Vertigo for one scorching depiction of death

5 responses to “The attractive face of D

  1. *Whistle* nice … death looks awesome πŸ™‚

  2. @ joka lad : πŸ˜€
    @ stier : yup she does

  3. ROFL@ yamaleela pic. How did you even think of it? πŸ˜€

  4. mamaaaa this is one hell of a mass picture you showed the item-girl side of death haha

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