The 20*20 treadmiller

There are two things the auhtor would set up as a prologue set here.

First,  during those days when one goes through the unpleasant uncoveted ordeal of CAT coaching you are asked to memorize the first 20  mutiplication tables all the way from 1*1 to 20*20 .. that makes  400 computed values on your fingertips.

The second, I see so many folks meaning to use the tread mill at a gym/their residence and panting even before their body gives up. Because the numbers showing KMs, minutes et al. on a treadmill play a psychedelic rip off routine on your head making you think *This is enough for today ! *

And now the routine …

The solution ! Combine the above two  scenarios to counter each other out. Meaning … count the 20*20 tables as described in the beginning while you run on the tread mill.

If you are of a novice/intermediary fitness level , count the tables just like that at a pace where you finish 20*20 computations in 10 minutes. It keeps your mind off from minding the numbers shown on the tread mill.

If you are of a decently appreciable fitness level, Trying saying one line of computational line per second (one x*y = z  line screaming aloud inside your head every second) Makes you actually go faster still keeping your mind off the treadmill numbers.

Thats the plan! It works, esp. miraculously for long distance running . Statistically proven to have additional side benfeits like increasing your IQ (if you actually compute this every time) or your memory (if you just cram up the values 😉 )

– Happy running

~ Ghost Runner

5 responses to “The 20*20 treadmiller

  1. I’ll never understand how and why the sheer joy of running is not enough to propel people further.

    • Well thats like asking … *Why do people go for higher salaries than look for the sheer joy of working* 🙂
      Its an incentive driven world and an average person is pretty shallow and goal oriented

  2. You’re equating the incentive of money with the incentive of the momentary, mishmashed pleasure one derives from listening to music while running.

    In mathematical terms, it would translate to something like: a~x^n.

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