The MUMBAIkar saga Episde 8: October Octogenarian

There is this  80-something beggar I bump into everyday as I leave for work. A crude old man with a pretty distinctively long beard Often reminded me of Gandalf when Gandlaf was still Gandalf the Grey)

Anyway, days pass without me ever batting an eyelid or turning to him to give him the alms he asked for everyday . Until the previous day, when at the behest of a particularly good mood,  I stopped and ransacked my bag for some paltry change. Following 2 excruciating minutes of frantic rupee-coin searching, I handed him a rupee. Something, (I thought), that would be treated like the holy grail

But he looked at the coin, looked back at me and said

Abey behenc***d! Itne din ke baad sirf ek rupai ? Isse tho vada pav bhi nahin milega mujhe

(Translation: Sistah-f***er !! After all these days , just a rupee? I wont even get vada pav with this !! )

I kept staring and he walked away …..

4 responses to “The MUMBAIkar saga Episde 8: October Octogenarian

  1. dhanno vellapanthi

    haha. But did he return the rupee or tucked it in anyway ?

  2. baba back with mumbai anecdotes ? nice 😀

  3. @ aniket and joka lad: 🙂

    @ dhanno : nice name 😛 anyway no ! obv he tucked it away

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