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Genesis of the rise

“Where is your son?” the underworld don thundered. “Is he scared?”

“I am not aware of anything under the sun my son is afraid of. He doesn’t usually give his word – but if he does, you can take it for granted that it will be done. He will come, don’t worry.” replied his assistant.

A horde of white Maruti vans screeched to a halt and a parade of henchmen, all bearing guns stepped out and assembled in a V-formation. From the center emerged a young but balding man, with black hair and dark sunglasses, dressed in denim and white sport shoes. His swagger raised many an eyebrow, and the men present felt a chill shudder down their spines.

The moon hid behind a cluster of dark clouds.

He stepped up to the older man and said, “Anthony. This fight is between you and me. Between your men and mine. Either you die, or I die. Your men die, or my men die in this war, but innocent people shouldn’t get hurt. I now realize what a coward you are. Seven days, I tell you today, in seven days, you will be finished.”

“Do you know what you are saying and who you’re saying it to?” cried the distraught father.

“I am speaking the truth to an immoral man, father”

Anthony allowed himself a slow menacing laugh. “You are still new to this business, young man. Seven days? I need just seven seconds. Look over there,” he said, pointing beyond the young man’s back where a sniper stood atop a huge tower, ready to shoot on command.

It was now the young man’s turn to laugh a little. He took off his sunglasses, and said, “Look there a little, dear man” he said, pointing to another tower where three snipers were ready to aim and fire.

With his characteristic baritone laugh, he came close to Anthony and said, “Remember one thing. God toys with the good hearted, but never let’s go of their hand. He will give the bad man a great many things, only to make sure his fall is greater and harder.”

With that he swiveled around and walked away leaving behind a shocked and frightened Anthony as the winds whispered in a crescendo – “Baasha, baasha”



For those who want to know further, refer here to understand & appreciate where this was extracted and translated from.



Starring: Rajnikanth, Raghuvaran

Director: Suresh Krishna

Extracting, Editing and Translation: El Papa

Publishing : blog owner 😛


Social Network – Review

A good movie. The director David Fincher (of fight club and the curious case of bejamin button fame) comes up with a realistic unbiased depiction of the story behind the founders of facebook.

Go here for the plot

Well previously among stories of programmers I particularly liked the movie Antitrust. But what struck me about this social network movie is that unlike Antitrust, there are no fictional allusions, no heroic , idelalistic, riden by morals kind of programmers.

The characters are more human and more closer to everyday characters. Yet you see  the genius-spark  (Mark Z) , the swinging hedonistic playboy (Sean parker) , the intelligent yet gullible fin guy (Eduardo) , the posh classy  high society super male bimbos (the twins) – voila! All the variations in personalities that one would expect to see in a good narration.

The focus is not on human morality or honour or any such thing. It is strictly a pragmatic and neutral depiction of how business in the real world works. Though a little bland in some parts of the plot flow, the movie still doesn`t fail to make the audience appreciate the protagonist not for his being human, not for showing hero-qualities but sheerly for his raw genius. A fact supplemented by emphasizing on his lack of excess emotion and an almost cold blooded indifference to social events that happen in front of him. A sort of irony considering the fact that he is after all the founder of the most successful social networking site

The jazzy moments in the movie range from nerdy-super-rhetoric (Mark Z hacking the apparently highly secure Harvard student profiles to create a fun poll and simulataneously explaining to the audience the technicalities) to the whole cool-dude thing ( Justin timberlake`s character Sean Parker doing the Seanathon, a sort of rip-off of the attitude exploding Sexy back video 😉 )

Still I would maintain the movie did get a tad boring and trite at places . But of course, when a real-life story that is more subtle than grand is told about the world`s youngest self made billionaire , who would not like watching it 🙂

ps: Oh yeah ! And Happy face booking ! 😀