Social Network – Review

A good movie. The director David Fincher (of fight club and the curious case of bejamin button fame) comes up with a realistic unbiased depiction of the story behind the founders of facebook.

Go here for the plot

Well previously among stories of programmers I particularly liked the movie Antitrust. But what struck me about this social network movie is that unlike Antitrust, there are no fictional allusions, no heroic , idelalistic, riden by morals kind of programmers.

The characters are more human and more closer to everyday characters. Yet you see  the genius-spark  (Mark Z) , the swinging hedonistic playboy (Sean parker) , the intelligent yet gullible fin guy (Eduardo) , the posh classy  high society super male bimbos (the twins) – voila! All the variations in personalities that one would expect to see in a good narration.

The focus is not on human morality or honour or any such thing. It is strictly a pragmatic and neutral depiction of how business in the real world works. Though a little bland in some parts of the plot flow, the movie still doesn`t fail to make the audience appreciate the protagonist not for his being human, not for showing hero-qualities but sheerly for his raw genius. A fact supplemented by emphasizing on his lack of excess emotion and an almost cold blooded indifference to social events that happen in front of him. A sort of irony considering the fact that he is after all the founder of the most successful social networking site

The jazzy moments in the movie range from nerdy-super-rhetoric (Mark Z hacking the apparently highly secure Harvard student profiles to create a fun poll and simulataneously explaining to the audience the technicalities) to the whole cool-dude thing ( Justin timberlake`s character Sean Parker doing the Seanathon, a sort of rip-off of the attitude exploding Sexy back video 😉 )

Still I would maintain the movie did get a tad boring and trite at places . But of course, when a real-life story that is more subtle than grand is told about the world`s youngest self made billionaire , who would not like watching it 🙂

ps: Oh yeah ! And Happy face booking ! 😀

6 responses to “Social Network – Review

  1. The Social Network is simply awesome !!

  2. I most vehemently condemn the statement.. “the movie did get a tad boring and trite at places”.

  3. haha, touche!

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