It is  true that for the first time in over a month, I strongly felt about something strongly enough  to strongly log about . Result : I sit here in the hall typing away in the name of no blue blazed heavens  (Oh ! Now  the heavens are blue blazed ? ) .  That too after having dragged myself out of my cozy bed …..

And … God! Now I  am writting poetry about me about to write something on the blog ….


What was I about

To forcefully blog about?

Was it  Jolie’s pout ?

Or the neighbour who’s so stout…

Was it the wild dream?

Or the girls in the pic, ‘Scream’ ….

Perhaps the ‘blink’ book

By Gladwell (does look like puke 😛 )

Maybe on world end

But … Na! Too cliche’ to tend

On ‘running’ perhaps…

Or newspaper’s social mishaps …

On the drum classes ?

The story of lehman’s  bosses ?

What did I plan to

Write ????


So what was I exactly about to write about  ? (in all my drowsiness and self-hating stupor at dragging myself out of bed just to blog) Well !  Ridiculous though as it might sound …. I just forgot !!  😦

6 responses to “Block-ending

  1. How dare you use my gf’s name for your poem. Will sue you for this x(

    • Sure Sure. Please do send me return tickets (business class) to and from US. I will definitely attend court hearing 🙂

      Btw even I lose the case, I can only pay you renumeration as follows:
      1. Dozen vada pavs
      2. Dozen samosas
      3. (bonus) Dozen mirchi bajjis

      Dont worry they are very tasty though you might find it a little spicy

  2. Liked the fact, that in the end you did rhyme them. Although not all of them are natural, but poetry takes an entirely different form when it rhymes!

    • i actually tried to follow two rules while writing the poem….

      1. lines exist in pairs ending in rhyming words
      2. I used a 5-7-5-7 rule where first line in each rhyming pair has 5 syllables and second has 7 syllables

      Somehow it created a foot tapper 😛

  3. nice photo of urself at the end 😛

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