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The MUMBAIkar saga Episode 9 : A few good laughs

The Comedy Store , Palladium, Phoenix mills, Mumbai ūüôā ¬†¬†

The first stand up comedy theatre in India.With a full fledged bar and restaurant outside . Well established stand up comics who throw you into peals of laughter. A perfect way to celebrate weekend nights. An even better option to warm up your spirits if you are planning to go to a late night party.

The last time the author went there was in the first week of Jan 2011. There were around 4 different stand up comedians with varying styles. But they seemed to jerk up all kinds of real time satires and hilarious sarcasm.

Of course all these constitute mostly degree 10 humour which a right wing person (belonging to the population thats the butt of the joke ) would not take lightly :p That means most of our grand parents would jump across the theatre and throw themselves at the comics to do a wrestling tackle! But well …. saying that itself bears testimony to the effectiveness of the comic act ūüôā

Anyway, for the urban population living in or visiting Mumbai, you  should give this place a shot and you would surely think of going there again. Period.


Mischief . Mayhem . Soap

The author has searched for long. rather too long, before he found the legal/legitimate facility for what has been quite the tangible wish for nearly a decade. (Now that, you see, is not one of those other ones of the author’s whims which last for the time duration of a tachyon)

All dust settled ….I am talking about this ! ¬†

And I found just the right place near home.

3 sessions down and I seem to have had faced the toughest training regimen of my life in the last 1 week. But its a good endorphin induced feeling at the end of every training evening. And since the whole theme of *learning to fight* is macho in its idea, I guess boys are biologically built to endorse it  (Haha! Did I sound like Freud )

Well ! For me, its much more simulataneously taxing and satisfying than even the running or the weight training at the gym. Period.

So gear up gentlemen! Stretch your knuckles, ¬†shake your feet, rub your palms, ¬†and lets get ready… to fight ! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†ūüėõ

– Ghost Runner

ps: SCMM 2011 ! ¬†Two days to go!¬†Lets have some feverishly¬†runnerish fun … shall we .. . hu ha !

2010: That year gone by

The previous year (2010) started with a prophecy which to my loved ones (starting with mom), was the prophecy of all prophecies. Potentially the greatest harbinger of my doom`s eventual finality (lol! What words! I should cut down on the ‘epic fantasy` reading :p)

So no matter how hard I didn`t believe ¬†such jyotish (astrology), it did do some damage, I didnt blog for the first 6 months of 2010. Not ¬†that there is any connection, but my blogger’s block and this astrology shit just happened to be concomitant events.

Anyway … I guess I am still alive and 2010 was one of the best years of my life …a pioneering year for many different things …! So Mr.Astrologer , take your prophecies , round them up real nice and stick it ¬†straight up your monkey a**


Anyway looking back at 2010, it was quite the amusing year.Below I tried to stick to a chronological structure though I did give more priority to the free flow of thought

  1. It truly started with a bang ¬†with me getting myself shifted to the Business Intelligence Unit at my company. Lots of statistics, heavy duty number crunching and an infinitely clanish little team! The kind of combo I would dig into any day ūüôā !
  2. Then came an event that marked the synchronization of identity with the place I live in. My future generations shall know that event ¬†as *me shifting to a flat in Bandra (West)*, the jazziest of Mumbai residential localities by far. With food, drinks, clubs,Joggers’ park, Gold’s gym, and discotheques a¬†breath away, non-busy times promised never to be boring again.
  3. Not to mention travelling with pals on treks around mumbai to Lohagad, Rajmachi, Manikgad et al, incidentally all spiced up by the monsoon rains.
  4. Then came the ¬†main course of 2010. the trip to Europe.¬†Everything from the Louvre’ in Paris to the Wall in Berlin to the crazy coffee shops in Amsterdam to the European Union Parliament ¬†in Strasbourg !For good measure, also throw in a large measure of¬†Curry Wurst, Khus khus,¬†Tartflombay and¬†1 litre beer mugs ! Even¬†raced against an English guy (who by the way was not the stereotypically fat British dumpty) ¬†in Paris for a 10 round race around the Eiffel Tower. ¬† Bumped into Mythalez and Tejo at Amsterdam¬†(all doped in the ¬†jolly good¬†sense of course!)
  5. Then, there was Goa (as usual) where besides the time spent at the beaches oggling at the girls, an appreciable time was spent ¬†biking across 100 km of the North Goa coastline … shirtless !! ūüėõ
  6. Not to mention visiting  Hyderabad a couple of times in 2010 . Even went to the extent of biking drunk on the roads of Hyderabad . Thankfully, I was driving at 10 kmph (haha!) , too slow for anyone to get suspicious or me falling in trouble.
  7. The amount of reading ¬†done in 2010 was a rather amusing observation. ¬†Tried a tad more than lightly to digress away from my stereotypical tendency to stick to the sci fi and¬†epic fantasy genre’. ¬†Did a fair diversification ¬†by ¬†becoming familiar with the linguistic, historical , biographical, autobiographical, social, non-fictional categories too. Of course, never completely lost my loyalty to the¬†epic fantasy and sci-fi genre’ . By the way, the end of 2010 from the books’ perspective sees me searching for Stephen king’s Dark tower series, waiting for Part 2 in the Left Hand of God trilogy¬†and ¬†trying to fully comprehend Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink
  8. Of course I did continue ( like years of yore) , with my controversial theories (for instance, the Black berry bitch) So i did invite everything from ire to appreciation from different quarters. Haha ! There was one queer instance when one particular theory (about nosy relatives on FB) got me under scrutiny in family circles. ¬†But well! how do you become a family legend/cult ¬†without controversy, without rising against sardonic moronisms, against …. oh God! forget it ¬†…..
  9. Running: I should be shot if I dont talk of this. Yes! I did find my intermittently lost passion for running in 2010 …after two years (one more time!! Before I become old and crippled). Out with it came some new self-made techniques and strategies for running races. I guess I am getting into shape and preparing hard for various running events around India. Hope things work out well.

….. Well thats it for now! ¬†2010 was not bad at all . I feel light now that I have put down the important stuff for posterity. There were obviously some bad-ass tales and some tragic ones in 2010 too, like it is for every one! But that set will find its place in the blog’s private part.

Yours truly,

Ghost Runner