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The MUMBAIkar saga: Episode 10 – ‘Owner’s pride driver’s ride’

Its a peculiar phenomenon , this theatre called Mumbai traffic and its many actors .

Consider this event, that happened in two seperate parts:


So our nice little protagonist bought a new SUV and was driving in the evening on the Shivaji Park road. A tad too many times, excessive driving caution (in this case, due to driving his new car for the first time)  might lead to traffic guffaws too, as opposed to the general case of rash driving. So he almost bumped into a Karizma guy at the traffic lights. The biker bellowed these words,

‘Abey tum madar chod ameer aadmi log gaadi mat chalao!  Tum owner ho to driver mat ban.Driver ko rakh lo madar chod! (translation: ‘ You rich m****r f****rs should not drive. just becasue you are owner doesnt make you a driver. So get a driver !)

Now our protagonist is a sensitive chap. So he took the words to heart and got a driver. The next day…

Day 2

The driver almost bumped into the karizma guy on shivaji park road . The biker once again bellowed,

‘tum madar chod bhikari driver  log gaadi mat chalao! Baap ka gaadi hain kya. Tum sirf ek driver ho owner nahin.Owner behen chod ko chalane do’

(translation: You m****r f****in beggar-drivers! This is not your car. You are just a driver not the owner.Let the s****r f***in owner drive..’ )


amusingly paradoxial 🙂

– Ghost Runner