Ra.One Review : You burn Raavan so many times because you can’t kill him

First day first show of Ra.One . Thank my lucky temporal cosmologies that it released during the Diwali holidays

Purpose of such expensive movies

I now believe in a certain theory about a direct correlation between mega budgets and positioning a visual treat as the foremost USP of a film.

The most expensive Indian movie made to date (surpassing the budget of the previous topper, Enthiran) gives what such a mega-budgetory extravaganza promises …. a visual treat which in itself is a thing of awe for the average Indian movie-goer. ( Talk about the Indian success of Enthiran or Avatar, for example)

Anyway nothing wrong in it. How else do you justify , what else can you possibly contrive with super budgets other than have tons and tons of special & digital effects 🙂

One important conceptual point  😉

G-One (the good digital guy played by SRK)  and Ra-One (the bad digital guy played by Arjun Rampal …yes! Ra.One is Rampal , not SRK as some gullible chaps might be strutting around thinking!!!) are digital manifestations made of optical fibres or electromagnetic rays coalesced into tangible manifestations of energy; whatever! I don’t really know ! But mind you ! They are not robots or any sort of mechanical beings made of metal…

The plot

Ra.One = Major plot from Terminator 2: Judgement day  + Hero powers & special effects of Iron Man + Villain’s creation-idea from Virtuosity

Bien sur!  The whole virtual man protecting the kid  idea is straight out of Terminator 2.

The HART concept about a high-technology core that resembles a human heart embedded  into both G-One and Ra-One,  is a direct lift-off from Iron Man. The whole optical fibre shit from where the AI filled gaming characters come out into the real world , is Virtuosity…

The special appearances and gimmicks

The kid’s dream featuring  Priyanka Chopra and Sanjay Dutt (as Khal Nayak) in the opening scene . And even the three imaginary Chinese ladies called Uski -Lee (lol ! ) , Teri-Lee (Rofl !)  and Sabki Lee (Lmao!)! All these are there only for the whole SRK-Ego-trip phenomenon which we are getting to see more and more these days  (For a similar observation, watch the Don2 trailer with the slogan, The king is back 😉 )

Well ! Well ! But me being a fan and all , I wouldn’t really crib too much about it . The gimmickry in question was actually pretty visually breathtaking (SRK fighting Khal Nayak ((Sanjay Dutt)) with the latter rapid firing punch-dialogues that would make your laughter nerves itch )

Action -sequences

They were good very good. For an Indian movie, the effort and soul put into the action sequences and related effects is quite visible.Sometimes you might wonder what’s the point ?  But this is an action flick and thats how action flicks around the world are ….

The real Ra.one stands up

Arjun Rampal is amazing as the villainish Ra.One with his whole voice, his physique and sense of random alacrity. He was good ! Perhaps they should have given him a little more air-time rather than focus on G-one’s  goofy doofy humor  in the second half.

Chammak Challo

I don’t need to analyze this 🙂 But I had to mention it 😉

My verdict

Here are some more reviews to look at… TOIimdbrediffDC

As for me, I like it ..not as much I would like a brilliant movie, but the way I would like a popcorn-fare!  Though the concepts have all been borrowed , re-hashed and jumbled up from Holly wood sci-fi movies, the execution of the movie shows the effort and the heart put into the movie. And for that , my appreciation! Anyway, whatever the SRK-bashers might be tempted to say, nothing is going to stop the movie from becoming a profitable venture (for all we know, it probably had already recovered its money from distribution sales even before the movie’s release)

6 responses to “Ra.One Review : You burn Raavan so many times because you can’t kill him

  1. Obviously Hollywood, Newyork would be disappointed, because they are selling same kind of movies to the country of one billion people. If Bollywood makes same kind of movies, thats not a good news to Hollywood, right?

  2. Not necessarily …Holly wood had wider resources at its disposal and can anyday (af of now) make one of higher quality

    Its just Bollywood making such movies matures up the Indian market for such films which in the end is good news for Hollywood . Everyone does good business then …Hollywood or Bollywood

  3. I am not a die fan of SRK but what I have realized that the Movie mostly becomes hits only because of his fans. SRK fans are never tries to influence people on net by bad reviews & comments during release of any other actor but both Salman, Amir..etc fans are not so kind. When it comes to SRK movie release, fans of Salman, Amir… started on net by bad review comments from day one.

    Amir movie Ghajini is frame by frame copy of south Ghajini, it simple means it doesn’t have any innovative idea or no inputs from Amir as well. And No one is criticizing this big fact. You can watch both movies on you tube. Movie became hits & breaks records. Same happened for Salman movies.

    This is similar situation when DON was released most of critics & peoples had putting bad reviews on net but because of SRK fans that movie did a good at box office & now everybody (including critics) likes SRK work in DON.

    I have also watched RA.ONE & really want to share my views that the review of Komal Nahata & Omer (Zoom) are best matching revies for this movie. Now takes Yahoo review it doen’t give even a single star it simple means that person really hates SRK their may be several reasons behind it. The movie which has nice songs, international effects & some super clash between G.ONE & RA.ONE then how can one stating that it doesn’t deserves a single star. Its really non sesnse things.

  4. well ! I agree with what you say about Ra One

    Just one small correction … Amir khan Ghajini has a different ending from the Tamil one 🙂

  5. ‘thank my lucky temporal cosmologies …’

    rofl!thats it! vote for Ghost Runner for Ra.Two direction 😛

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