Lilou and her papa

Once upon a time, circa 2016 Noida sec-137

By the express highway

Lived little lilou

And her papa
“Pa .. I know you hold me dear

But being here, among dust smear,

Can’t help but feel the fear

That us, ma can’t hear”
“No little lilou ! Seems things are dire

In pandemonium and quagmire

But I tell you this .. by ice and fire

Getting us to ma is heart’s desire”
“Pa .. I know you love me too

But being here, seeing what’s true

Others leave their 4 legged kids behind…

…When it’s time to leave. Would you too ? ”
“No little lilou!  Panic you dont need

To your Papa you pay heed

Come what may, at the end of day, someday

You will leave from here , this place called faraway

And you, your ma and your pa will be reunited for that’s the way
(With respect to the above tale , half of overall objective as stated in the last line has been achieved . Hopefully the rest too ,  soon☺. The Odyssey continues)

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