Day 0 – Of Asuras and Tigers in Phuket (the prologue)

June 21 – 

There is a reason why I am doing this. That is, finally going to the Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp in Phuket.Besides the very obvious “it’s on my bucket list” or “I wanted to do it for so long”. Well … you see I have come to believe over the years that doing something you want to do  but deffered over time until the time you actually do it, is sometimes triggered by one major impactful (mentally/ emotionally) event in life. This acts as a catalyst either to invigorate the need for solace or reconciliation or .. hmm, penance !

Now why penance ? Because meditation as I have come to opine over the years, is not necessarily  sitting in a cross legged position and trying to concentrate on a point of focus. It can also be single mindedly doing something with that kind of focus. In Indian mythology, the character Arjuna focusing only on the eye of the woodden bird to shoot it, is also meditation.

My point is I focus my mind better during physical acts of working out or combat training. Things just get clearer. 

But that’s not all … the other point is that putting my body and mind through these gruelling sessions is in a twisted way my penance for something , in allusion to the  event I mention above in the first paragraph. An event or rather the electric episode that I will probably carry to my grave. Unanswered questions and introspective speculations playing not at all a small part in the evolution of that chaos in my head. Channelling such sorrow into a state of stoic unbreakable numbness  is what one can perceive to be Muso Tensei ( cheekily borrowed from Fist of the North Star)

Okay enough philosophy and mental introspection. In the Singapore airlines’ flight to Phuket from Delhi , there was an Indian family who got their rather lavish supply of food in their cabin bags. They couldn’t obviously wait for the food to be served ( happens as per std. Protocol once the seat belt sign comes off). So as expected, before the seat belt sign came off , one of the lads from the family ( mom, dad, daughter and two sons)  got up, got the food out and distributed among his folk . And everyone started gorging on the food in rather loudly, almost belligerently chomping way. The panicky air hostess kindly asked them to buckle back their seatbelts ( which came off so they could  sit in a grandly leisurely way) And then asked them not to eat yet. To that , the crafty lad simply said “Do you have some ketchup”

And so , yours truly,

The dark the fast and the fiery,

Ghost Runner


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