Day 1 – Of Asuras and Tigers in Phuket (the groggy awakening)

June 22

I was picked up the previous night from the airport by an Audi from TMT. That was the first time I was picked up by an Audi from an international airport. Felt good real good. Guess that little thing gave me such a simple minded joy that I totally forgot about Muso Tensei or the hyped Asura mode I planned to bring to the TMT training camp. About these two concepts of Muso T and Asura mode we will talk in a while… Anyway I slept well, to be good for the classes

Act 1 Scene 1 – Crossfit

It was a circuit very much like my version of Lion’s Den (the strength and cardio combinational circuit I created  an year ago, )

Groups of three were made. There were 8 stations , each “station” being a set of one murderously  taxing exercise, to be rotated among the group of 3. To finish a station, each group member has to do 3 sets in rotation. Then the group moved on. So obviously, the slowest or weakest member set the pace for each group to proceed to the next station. We didn’t complete all 8 stations in the one hour.
I don’t blame the slowest member though. I was burning energy but couldn’t tap into the Asura mode I set myself to be in. Why ? Guess I was slightly annoyed at working out in such humidity, me being a person who sweats a lot. Dehydration was not the issue with me, was rather that sticky irritating feeling of sweat and grime . An alternative reason for this could possibly be that some routines were my first time , perhaps my body is not used to them. Did power through though (I am not saying I was the weakest link in the group ) . But alas ! Something bogged me down, some weird mental variable that made me passive enough not to pull the trigger and go absolutely ballistic on the circuit. “Asura ! What happened to thee” I thought.

Act 1 Scene 2 – MMA wrestling + kickboxing

This was a good session with practice of techniques to get into an advantageous position while striking and grappling in a stand-up , very much like in an octagon, ring or street .

Me being the last entrant to the class, I had to make do with a 16 yr old Irish kid as partner to practice the techniques. Well! After practising a bit on the under- and over- hooks and head transitions (where I had to go easy on the power deployment and focus solely on technique , it’s a kid after all !)

Anyway it was time to roll, which is the sparring part of the session . Had to obviously switch partners with bigger people. I wouldn’t exactly say I went all out , 50% of my energy already suppressed due to the earlier cross fit session. And then I underused my strength drastically just because I didn’t feel like it. Sigh ! Guess Asura mode had to wait a bit longer, as I in  all my twisted complacence felt like I needed to show the sparring partners sympathy. Am I good or narcissistic ? I dont know. Anyway at about 20% full power, all the opponents during sparring rounds were dominated . I felt,well, pleasantly smug. But also a bit pensive at the same time because not getting that crazy anger out (Asura mode) beats the purpose of this very soujourn to the combat camp.

Act 1 Scene 3 – Beast

True to its name this training focused on explosive strength , stamina and extreme conditioning (all in 80 % humidity !) The class was tagged as advanced and was for those who were used to greater than 7 years of working out in a high intensity , devil-may-care mental mode.

It followed a pattern of a 3-exercise superset on groups of 3. So I got grouped with a  Dutch chef called Nicholas (who was astoundingly fit despite being an uncompromising foodie) and an Indian chap (who incidentally was from an IIM and working in Dubai of coincidences. Some of us people do have that extra madness in us ..perhaps).

Anyway three exercises were barbell clean and press followed by kettlebell / dumbbell contractions on the lats followed by V-shaped sit ups. That was one round of a super-set, with as many repetitions as possible within a fixed time frame of 1 min for each of the three . And the minimim target was 10 super-sets ! We did 15 , haha. I felt a little more than just pleasantly smug this time. At my turn, the chef Nic and my compatriot were stunned by the madness and a seemingly vengeful pace . This drove them too to finish their turns faster. Which in turn lead to going well beyond expectations set by the Beast session’s instructor

Okay lets take a step back to talk of what was going on in my troubled head during the aptly named Beast session. Mid way in the routines, there was nothing felt , neither exertion nor stress. Just an angry presence inside the belly that almost felt alive. Asura mode was awakening , finally. Lets break down that feeling to its most granular form. It happened so that I tapped into my mind to think of the reason for my this universally-insignificant endeavour . That reason made me angry. In fact if my anger was a sentient being, it was so much engrossed in the act of its existential justification that I could feel my anger cry ! Cry out like a primordially wailing madperson. Then I felt it everytime I finished a super-set in the Beast workout. A glimpse of the singularly-channelled rage driven by that emotional pain I felt in the preceding few weeks, nay, months! I heard that imagined sentient being in all its inglorious insanity. The Asura had finally bellowed his entrance. Finally … the venting is in progress.

Still yours truly,

The dark , the sort of fast and groggily fiery,

Ghost Runner

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