Day 2 – Of Asuras and Tigers in Phuket ( the physical limitations of mentally channelling anger )

June 23

Act 2 Scene 1 – Brazilian Ji Jitsu

For the unaware , BJJ is a submission-style grappling-based martial art. 

This  nearly- 2hour session was intense as can be expected by those who attended at least one jujitsu class in their time. 

Anyway I put myself in the estimation of my head at maybe 80 % of my full power during rolling (BJJ sparring is called rolling too). Well …I got really big opponents (the first sparring partner was big and powerful. The second sparring partner was not as big but bigger then moi.  )  during the sparring sessions and they were versed with BJJ. Not to mention their strength-wise uncompromisingly superior diet compared to the one a middle class Indian like me is used to . There I said it.  

So perhaps it was so that this existing variable of monstrous physical strength could only be countered by a mental factor of being in a self procolaimed Asura mode . Haha and I was in it. Both the guys tapped out eventually . The first one to the Kimura which I am evolving to be quite decent at and the second to the triangle, first time I succcesfully threw one from my back. But not before both of them succeeded significantly in cumulatively cranking my neck ( Both the gents went for the reverse neck crank in the earlier stages of the sparring rounds and almost got it right . Coincidence. )

Though there was years-worth of  training here and a lot of work on physical conditioning , I would still hand it over to the Asura mode, that was described in the last para of the previous post. It was anger I felt, a wailing rage (built up thinking, reminiscing of the emotional pain of 2017, a factor all too numerously mentioned by now) if there ever was such a thing.  And directed regulatorily at my sparring partners. Thank goodness for their physical prowess and monstrous conditioning , they weren’t too hurt. 

Allow me to digress a bit.Nutritionally  speaking, European food is better than Indian food. Period. In this story, if I was in their shoes (meaning I was just sparring because I wanted to learn) and they in mine (meaning they were the angry ones), if they applied the submissions I applied to them, their strength would have not only made the submissions more effective,  would have not only have made me tap out quicker, but I would be in a Thai hospital in Phuket wondering if my travel insurance would work. Anyway, the gastronomic and nutritional value, especially in terms of building strength and power, of proper European food is thuderously superior to Indian. Oh ..I said it already. Apologies!  ( By the way I still love Indian more. For the taste of course , my palette is used to Indian after all)

Act 2 Scene 2 – Beast _High intensity cardio 

The one-hour Beast session of the previous  day awakened the Asura in my head. So nothing more needs to be said about this. But for the sake of completeness, here goes.

There was a lot of stretching the first fifteen minutes. After that, there was cardio. Now cardio here was not walking , brisk walking or jogging like folks are normally used to. Cardio here was high intensity interval training (HIIT) magnified  in chest-pounding magnitude of intensity  in a way that made the Tiger Muay Thai and MMA combat camp the stuff of Thai folk tales.

So cardio in this session constituted Russian kettle bell swings followed by rope climbs followed by cross training cycle followed by a run up a nearby set of stairs followed by a set of stand-ups from the back without using one’s hands.  This is one super set and we had to go sets of 3 for each person. Oh and I forgot to mention, in 80% humidity at 35 degrees Celsius temperature of a merciless Thai afternoon.

I just about managed to finish it . The anger pushed me through. Now believe me when I say running the half marathon (considering I do it in like 1 hr 40 min) was a wee bit easier than this. But if it wasn’t for the anger that made it all possible, the 31 year old body of mine (thanks to vices like smoking, drinking, not sleeping and unavoidable factors like the fucked up air-pollution levels of NCR)  had lungs that almost thought of giving up on me despite the Asura mode in the head probably sending neurons to push harder. 

That’s when the second concept came into place .Muso Tensei

Now Muso Tensei as described in the anime Fist of the North Star talks of an awakening power in one who has embraced true sorrow. The mythical, spiritual almost magical power associated with it in the anime is not what I allude to.  I speak merely of the idea and ability to embrace a numbness born out of a projected sorrow, to perhaps make the mind decive the body to momentarily forget pain. Is that possible? I don’t know. I didn’t use any such mental trick with the Beast cardio. But projected a glimpse of it in case, just in case the self projected Asura mind set of sheer anger is not doing it for that session. But the latter mental mode just barely did it that time. But perhaps I need to tap into Muso Tensei sooner or later. Perhaps …

Act 2 Scene 3 – Crossfit _Deadlifts

This session focused on pairing partners of two who are of equal strength . Fortunately , I had one Aussie chap called Joe who matched mine .We then had to work our way for a full body composite movement with the right technique and posture. It was something I already did many times back home at NCR, India with my good friend, Sumit aka Hulk. 

So it wasn’t much we managed to go upto 1.5 times my body weight , I.e., a max lift of 120 kilos for a full final set of 5. Guess doing it decently in 80% humidity (again ) made it more challenging and hence, more mentally fulfilling.  But it was just a physical exertion, didn’t have to be driven by Asura or Muso T. Thanks to the good coach’s technique based approach.


At an overall level, Asura mode was fully mentally active and tappable at will by Day 2. Muso Tensei ? Perhaps for another day. The sorrow was there, in inglorious tons if I am allowed to be vaguely poetic  . But can it be channelled ?

Yours truly

The dark the sporadically fast and the fiery

Ghost Runner

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