Day 5 – Of Asuras and Tigers in Phuket (BBQ Beatdown)

So every last Saturday of the month the tiger Muay Thai camp hosts a barbecue buffet party to reward the camp trainees for all their hard work.

Sort of a train hard fight hard party hard concept. In corporate terms, one could also call it incentivisation. Where you actually feel that you more than deserve to party ..where you feel like you have earned it for all the hard work

There was a textbook Muay Thai ritual in the ring by the exhibition fighters post which there were friendlies . Which is to say the fights weren’t part of a tournament like I expected of something called a Beatdown .But that’s probably me speaking from the hungover perception created from watching Never Back Down . Anyway, the fights were entertaining , the food was in surplus , delicious and there was beer. Good relaxing evening.

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