Day 6 – Of Asuras and Tigers in Phuket ( Silence )

June 27

The camp was closed on Sunday. Just walked down to Massi’s Sports bar down the MMA camp road to watch the Macgregor-Mayweather fight at around 11 ish (the fight was actually on the night of  26 August in Nevada, hence 27 morning in Thailand). May won as expected but Mac surprisingly gave a fight and the final stoppage by the referee didn’t exactly speak of a thumping massacre-level victory for May as some wanted or expected it to be.

Anyway, I later went for a moderate-intensity  run just to keep my cardio going and not laze around all day on a rest day. It was slightly drizzling so I had a Wind-sheeter on. As I ran, I reflected on the week gone past. It was a good week, the Asura mindset and the mental trick of tapping into the anger -emotion seemed to be working as initially aspired. However, the mind had been found wanting on the Muso T department. I wondered if it would be achieved before this trip ended. Then I went onto other thoughts and let them flow.

Sleeping-patterns wise, I believe mid days on weekends the world over classify as early mornings (unless by logic, you are in a war zone of course, where you probably need to wake up and keep your cross hair in eye view while taking a dump. Respect to such flawleess courage and primordial alacrity despite the seemingly vulnerable position , Jai Jawan).

 Anyway for the sleeping-patterns reason stated supra, the roads were empty. The rain seemed to ensure it stayed that way for a little longer during the day. I ran, lost in my thoughts about the missus, current joys, current sorrow and current anger in absolutely stunning silence sans the sound of the continuous barrage of torrential rain drops hitting the roads of Soi Taied.
Yours truly,

Still dark, still fast and involuntarily fiery,

Ghost Runner

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