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Day 7 – Of Asuras and Tigers in Phuket (break and shake )

28 June

Act 7 Scene 1 – BJJ

It was another 2 Hr  session of Brazilian Ji Jitsu. Coming to think of it, it was invented so the smaller opponent in a fight can handle the bigger stronger opponent. But what if as Kuchili Byakuya said “the difference in power level is so vast ..” that BJJ doesn’t help ? Before  bothering myself with more such thoughts, I figured that to achieve triumph in a fight or to defend oneself, folks evolve in different ways which increases an overall score. For some it’s raw strength, for some it’s speed, for some it’s technique. Developing along only one parameter doesn’t guarantee triumph. It’s only when you evolve across all with sheer grit and training will your likelihood increase. Haha I have a three dimensional matrix manifesting in my head already to make such an assessment or gauge.

Anyhoo, this BJJ session was brutal, for the lack of a better word. Owing to my relatively not-so-good flexibility I totally sucked at the drills where you are supposed to do back and front rolls. Maybe I should take up yoga too to increase flexibility…hmmm.

Then it was time to roll (sparring in BJJ) I was up against a Croatian national team member who knew better than to go easy on me considering he was a pro and I am not. But guess he did see me being adept at the techniques, so as they say Gazab  ke ladai hua .

In my head, the Asura was at a stage of activation at will. Musou T ..not so much. Cro-champ tried hard to get the armbar from various angles and combinations , even succeeded in extending and straining my arm quite a bit. However, he couldn’t succeed in locking in the arm bar and getting me to tap. And I couldn’t get him in my by-then-notorious guillotine or kimura . Guess that could be called a respectable draw. All respect to cro-champ, wish I could train with tough guys like that more often.

Act  7 Scene 2 -Ambush 360

This was another crossfit session for nearly an hour  similar to the other fitness sessions of previous posts of high intensity and crydom-inducing breathlessness. 

So the routine (post stretching, warmups, etc) was 150 push ups followed by 130 heavy-kettlebell swings followed by 120 crunches followed by 100 weighted squats followed by 40 burpees. And this whole routine preceded and succeeded by two sprints around the whole training camp in afternoon heat and sun. Finished it in 22 minutes, on top of the 27 member advanced class with an average finish of 26 minutes.

So the mind and the channelling of aggression apart, my body had probably gotten used to the rigmarole of the whole camp. 

Probably  that physio-mental synchronization lead to the next mental realization that I experienced for the first time in the camp till then.  I felt the Asura bellow like before . But then, I felt something else. No it wasn’t the recent pain in 2017 accumulating a sorrow , thus triggering the release of Muso Tensei. It was different. The sorrow was not at what happened but at what had become of me. I had read somewhere that anger drained you , and this very draining as a post-phase of Asura mode (post routine js understandable, but midway ? The vagaries of the human mind ..sigh !!) perhaps created a mental vacuum for Muso Tensei, a painless numbness-filled shutting out of pain. Self pity , was it ? Sounds a bit ignoble ! But nonetheless, whatever mental trick worked. I experienced Muso T , midway in the Ambush routine. There was no longer any pain.

Act 7 Scene 3

I rested, even had a siesta in the afternoon. Muso Tensei or what mental state I thought was Muso Tensei manifested an atmosphere of  eerie calm inside my head. I could not put a finger on it to describe exactly what it had felt like. Anyhow …

I went to the gym in  the evening to do some good old fashioned weight training. Did a composite body workout and went to my room happy, content and tired. I was somehow at peace that evening which was amusing. However, Muso T was still unfathomable , I could not replicate that triggering- feeling for Muso T like I could  for Asura. Well … one last day to go.

Yours truly,

The dark, the fast and the fiery, 

Ghost R