About me

the one who lost his soul

the ghost who runs

There was once a lil’ king

Not of riches, but of the heart

Then a dream trapped him under its wing

And his lil’ innocent world came apart

Angrily he bent his head and had this to say

“Formerly abbulu aka Enthu.P

Now defying the Devil’s decree :O

Fighting the demons after good ol’ me

Now, like a ghost running against darkness

I check the existence of what I knew was happiness”

But he still continues to laugh

A mockery of showing and spreading joy

Beneath that pretense, wanting to yell “Ship Ahoy!”

Someday,at a place that is rumored to be a coast of peace

Until then, the Ghost Runner’s Odyssey, a trip without mental ease


Yours sincerely and truly,

the dark-sided, the fast, the fiery and only …

– Ghost Runner

9 responses to “About me

  1. 😮 😮 😮 😦 😦

  2. Your pic reminds me of Rambo in First Blood. 😛

  3. Deep man pretty deep !
    Reminded me of the “Ithaca” verse in Homer’s ‘Odyssey’

    And hell yeah! I second the “first blood” resemblance too

  4. If you dare to step into another universe just beyond the commonplace, then you can travel the hobo trail to discover a world inhabited by those who refuse to become a ghost!

  5. @ hoboduke:

    interesting comment ! Somehow creates a vague allusion of matrix’s agent smith to me (also from your grim pic 🙂 )

    Anyway, thanks for the line.

  6. pretty good, dude u r a deep thinker…. thats nice 2 knw…

  7. Awesome…

  8. Hey! That was nice.

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