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DISCLAIMER: Chuck the foreword below if you have  a not-so-long time window! Screw the introduction below too if you have tiny time window! But if you are jobless, read through ….

Foreword: Prof.Srinivas , my +2/12th grade mathematics lecturer was good at teaching mathematics, especially the probability and derivative puzzles.Talking of derivatives, the author need not say that their definition evolves from limits.   Now in this post of the author, let there be  a variable x that denotes clarity of thought and t denotes time. If the rate of change of x and rate of change of t are very very small, it can be denoted by dx/dt which is nothing but the rate of your thought  (has correlated theories from the Inception  logic; but that we shall leave for another day)


By the above logic, if there is an isolated moment where your mind gets oblivious of the surroundings, your thoughts might last longer to your brain than they are in absolute time. (Has a complex and more accurate explanation in relativity; but that we leave for another day)

The main (and simplest) part of the post

It was MMA coaching at * the academy *at Khar.A sparring session was going on.  Neck crank was being executed to near perfection on my …well! …neck (Obviously! Its called *neck crank*)! In that moment of asphyxiated pain, the surroundings went into oblivion and memories became clear and long though within a span of only a few seconds …


‘It was all due to religion oriented culture’  I told Dad…. ‘I mean look at it this way. Christianity was there for two millenia and it did have its share of orthodoxies. But the western world , most of it came out of it to lead a modern existence. So it took them two millenia but they managed to get out of irrational doctrines!’

‘But look at India! Hinduism was there for nearly 4 to 5 millenia. And even then we had hardly got out of many of our irrational doctrines. Why ? Are not persons supposed to get wiser and more mature with age ? So isn’t Hinduism supposed to follow the same logic!’

‘Its not that simple!’ said dad in his usual Donnie Darkoish way.

…. back to present ….. 

I twisted ! The hold on my wind pipe was deflected.I harboured the hope  of getting out of the hold. But then, the well trained opponent of mine wound his legs around my torso to strengthen the hold. And so the 2nd second in mental isolation began  ….


Halley was presiding over a discussion about the education system, economy , and what not on his facebook wall .

The fb status started it all

“The more he invests in religion the more he loses himself” ..
“The more the worker produces the more he loses himself” ..
‘How could one person get so many radical ideas ??’

There was a comment saying *Gen X!* Simply and tersely put!

But that ain’t enough was it ? We had to get **** global**** on this 😉

So there was globe-loving-gratiano-style  that followed ….as shown below 

Anyway I was living and chuckling at this fruitless discussion …

back to the real world ….

I twisted again …. the opponents’s foothold got less firm. He was probably not a big master of stamina though his technique was impeccable. But then he tightened his hands around my spine and neck. Then I went into the third second of asphyxiated painful mental isolation


It was a phantasmagoria of thoughts and memories. There  was no definition absolute. The surroundings seemed more surreal, like in a dreamy state as opposed to the earlier visions where I saw seemingly realistic memories of isolated incidents.

*The Indian military men got carried away in a fucking garbage truck.Is this the way we treat our martyrs ?? *

*Females get killed at birth because of our existing social systems of dowry,  male chiavunism, patriarchal imbalance, etc.*

* If there are somethings which can be described as **beauty queens of Indianism filled ridiculousness ** you find them in overwhelming abundance(Indians paying surgeons to turn girls into boys) *

*Honour killings in rural India*    

*The country being the world’s hair supplier*

*The industry of spiritual Godmen*   

.....It was starting to get annoying!

back to the real world …

Three seconds done and I was going to go completely out of breath. Out of that desperation and the prior-generated annoyance, I did a full body twist, broke the hold this time and got into a side mount  and threw an Ude-garami to which he tapped to submit.

Phew! I won again, my 16th succesive victory in combat sports…but the country doesn’t seem to be on the winning side 😦  Because of which I don’t feel like a winner as my questions in those three ‘hyper thought rate’ seconds remain unanswered …. 😐


The Zen master sez ….

Zen master:
To worry is to pay interest on damages that have never occurred.

Barney:Moron! Haven’t you ever heard of insurance ?

The secret of practical Creativity

“Contrary to what theory says, there is an open-secret generalization of creativity”, said the Oracle, “a best practice which folks in the fast paced modern world perfected in academics, industry,films,etc.”

“What ? Is it inspiration? Things like love or some other strong emotion?” asked good ol’ abbulugadu

“Naah! True creativity is knowing how to hide your resources!”


ps: 55 fiction  ! The first attempt … also inspired from a certain status message in my gtalk list 🙂

Sickness of Opportunity cost

Sans the R and D usage scenario … most computer systems in our state don’t go for their average processing usage beyond 20%. Most of them are used for ground level  operations

And that means we are talking ~20 million (= 2 crore) systems in our state with an average price of Rs.30,000! Which have an average CPU usage of only 20%

That means on an overall basis , we lose Rs.(0.8*20mn*30,000) = Rs.48000 crores / Rs.480 billion in terms of opportunity lost

(In A.P alone! In other states, its even worse! Abroad its further more un-imaginable)

~One basic flaw in the argument! The reader who identifies it first gets a treat 😀

When kings arrive …

Much awaited was the arrival of the previous post‘s quoter …

And a frequency is seen that in my head, strikes a blogging analogy to a corporate acquisition 🙂 This is just a recent sample

I in 20 days learnt a lot of a world I didn’t see emphatically, for the last 20 years.

My blogroll just got an extra value-add

Of God, Black Swans and Luck

Well ! My ammamma (granma)  would call it the will of Bhavani thalli (the super-duper mother Goddess and associated religious theory .. )

My mom associates it with Sai Baba, the bearded dude in saffron who inspired my outstanding (all pun intended) name too.

I call it the Fox-park theory (originally known as Nakka Thokkudu prabanjanam — in Telugu, the language where it was first conceptualized). For this amusing/crazy/funny/ridiculous/whatever  thought-phenomenon, refer to the author’s previous post

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, one of the world’s craftiest  cynics (with an outer cover of a rationalist)  calls it the Black Swan contingency.  After having rattled my brain to understand his takes on the unexplained by pattern , I  now have a serious headache!! Here is an example to initiate mass-market mental harakiri

Anyway, the last time I came to Hyderabad, the flyover at Begumpet collapsed . This time, there was a thunderstorm. The flame of the aarti always makes it a point to get extinguished when its my turn at the temple to swipe my hands over it.

Yeah ! Fool hardy fears! But would your grandma treat me, with the same courtesy if she were to know these?? Shit ! It is scary  when unrelated co-incidence and black swan situations are correlated.

Now again, it leads to a head-ache 😐 the temple lamp going off when near me is jokingly remarked by dad as being the quality of Ravana, the demon-king.  Curse the rodent’s lost food pipe ! Now I am being called Ravana. I would never run away with an other man’s wife ! Even if he lacks the potential to attack me with a contingent of monkeys and bridge-building contractors 😉

Black swans, living and reading black swans, unwanted-Ravana-effect, random Fox park incidents, …. hmm ! Life is getting at a thinking level, quite  unpredictably adventurous!

– Ghost Runner

“Fox-park Theory” aka **Nakka Thoka Thokkudu Prabanjanam**

Foreword/ Glossary

Nakka= Fox

Thoka= Tail

Thokkudu = Stepping

Prabanjanam = That which breaks thoroughly. Wind  [in this context, a powerful occuring]


In the heart of the Telugu language, exists the concept of “nakka thokkadam“! Derived from a myth that if one steps on a fox’s tail, one shall be bestowed with lots of short term luck.Hence, the person who reached the pinnacle of success would be considered in the symbolic sense as the owner of a fox-park. Amen !


When uncertainty leads to success we hardly notice it. At least to the outer world, we have to delegate the credit to the successful. Because calling the successful “lucky” and not “meritorious” would automatically throw a tag on you called “jealousy” 🙂

And so everything in the long term converges to one thing. The saying that says, luck (uncertainty leading to success) is an Universal open secret! In the world of politeness/manners, as scary to utter as J.K.Rowling’s Voldemort or Asimov’s Mother Planet Earth … In spite of the vast significance, it doesn’t harbor anywhere near political correctness or the laws of gentlemanly appreciation 🙂

But the concept does exist. For those lucky few…

Of performance mgmt. tools & thinking …

Before I fly off to join my job at summer-end, I am working (I think 😛 ) on this amusing performace management tool for a company. And well! I realized that more than the fundamentals one learns at an MBA, it is the street smart instincts that matter.As Einstein said, forget the number crunching, the equations and the formulations. It is in the end about imagination and the will/guts/madness to contemplate something different all the way from the contrival stage to the implementation stage.

Hmm … now I guess I will stop talking in high level surface language. I noticed that there were two guys I met recently, One an 2006 MBA pass out from Osmania University (something an elite B school chap would look down upon, as if they are lesser fortunate souls) and an other chap who didnt even finish his Undergraduation. And they, mind you are the two most brilliant minds I have ever seen. Not all the snobs from the IIMs could match their thinking. (But of course the IIM brand power is not questionable though 😛 )

For instance, the negative slope curve of customization degree v/s production cost is a brilliant diagram in Gordon Walker’s Modern Competitive Strategy. The OU chap started arguing over the logic of the negative slope. His arguments seemed flawless, the kind that would be exuded by an insti-ranker from the IIMs. Just when I was about to yell a whole hearted bravo! at the guy , the Engg-incomplete chap comes up with something even more awesome. He. though didn’ know the meaning of “strategy”, took out the dictionary, found the meaning, then looked at the curve, scratched his head and then came up with an explanation to prove its accuracy that was perhaps an even more convincing proof than the one the author gave. :O

And so they say, diamonds are found not among the white collared elite. But buried beneath piles of our incoherent education system’s rejects

Lighthearted yet the most radical thought of the day:
All the arrested factionists from Rayalaseema should be put on forced military duty at the Border, then see what happens to the terrorists. The factionists will hunt them all down. If not for their nation at least for their super-inflated masculine prestige. For the sake of the honour of their humongous moustaches 😛

-Ghost Runner

**The Metro Kolkatan Epic** Episode 5: Of varieties , quant and good byes

In a cab from Joka to airport , it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on traffic.

Lets see what happens when you take the metro … (From where i started to the airport , i needed to take the whole stretch of the metro line 🙂 )

Details: Starting at 11 am in the morning. The timings between the arrows show travel durations from one station to the next. The times accompanying the stations indicate the duration of the stops :-

Tollygunge —– 2min 18 seconds— -> Rabindra sarobar (12 sec) —1 min 51 seconds — -> JD.Park ( 17 sec) — 1 min 13seconds –> Rabindra Sadan (23 seconds) —-> Maidan(18 seconds) —1 min 20 seconds—-> Park street (15 seconds) — 1 min 20 seconds– ->Esplanade(13 seconds) –1 min 42 seconds–> chandni chowk (10 seconds) —1 min 28 seconds—>central (14 seconds) —-1 min 23 seconds–>m g road (12 seconds)– 1 min 25 seconds–> girish park (22 seconds)–1 min 35 seconds–> shobha bazaar(18 seconds) –1 min 20 seconds—> shyaam bazaar (10 seconds) –1 min 25 seconds —> belgachia (15 seconds) — 1 min 33 seconds–> dum dum

Hmm ..more of a detailed accumulation to roughly get an idea of the travel time in a metro. Considering this is Kolkata, a relatively backward city compared to other big cities , the city’s metro is surprisingly fast and effiecient. A bus from Dum Dum to the airport will take around 4 minutes.

So the whole thing takes a little less than haf an hour 🙂

And thus, having travelled the length of the great kolkatan metro completely for the first time , on the last day in Kolkata ..I bid adieu to this place …

** the end of series**

This might well be how Rankings should be done …

Thanks to the man famed as the Internet Lord of Joka … a more logically sensible way of ranking according to the education market’s Demand curves is presented 🙂

The Rest, I  leave it to you to follow this link ..

~TouchWood 🙂