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The theory of everything (and vice versa )

A song the author came across  by a humorist band called Les Inconnus…. a song which can rightly be called the lord of all spoofs 😛 on so called philosophical shit!

The original is in French … an English translation of the video and the video (also with English subs) are given below  … enjoy!  🙂

The verse
The hemorrhage of your wishes
Makes off under the miserable blue azure
Of the time which takes place
Double of what they can do nothing

Be or not be
Such is the question
That is Sinusoidal
That is anchorite
And Hypochondriaque

But you say….
But you say….
That happiness is irreducible
And I say
And he says
That your hope is not so hopeless
On the condition of analyzing
That the absolute should not be
By delusions that are precariousness
Like Our love affairs
Getting Displaced
And vice versa

And it will be necessary that you will arrive
To roll your dialectical rancor
Even if I am bloody stupid…
… Agreed that it is very difficult

But since I … say to you
That it is better so much more
To eradicate
The tentacles of the dereliction!
And everything will become clear

But you say… But you say…
That happiness is irreducible
And I say
And he says
That your hope is not so hopeless
On the condition of analysis
That the absolute should not be
By delusive precariousness
Of Our love affairs
Or Displaced
And vice versa

Where go we?
Why from we?
I ignore to know it
But then again I do not ignore to know it
It is because happiness
The East in two fingers of your feet
And that simplicity domiciles in the curve
Blue, yellow, mauve and unsuspected
Our daydreams
Mallows and blue and yellow and crimson
And parabolics
And vice versa

But you say
But you say
That happiness is irreducible
And I say
And he says
That your hope is not so hopeless
On the condition of analyzing
That the absolute should not be
By delusive precariousness
Of Our love affairs
And that you should not give support
To Unreality
Under absent asperity
And disabused
Of thoughts of iconoclasts
And de-oxydized
By our excommunicated wishes
Of the fate
And vice versa

The video (with English subtitles)

Mindset of solitude


In a city of mechanical cold

Filled with true facts of old

About unending stuff on a platter

Like weekends, parties and babes

And all  a hedonist could behold

At an annual time of yearly vacations

When you strive on stuff of relations

Like a social being in all bliss

Surrounded by pals, allies and money

And the scorchers you could kiss ….

Yet he sits in a mind set of solitude

All seems immersed in platitude

To stare, frown  and shrink in darkness

Wouldn’t care  if gobbled by a lochness

The only feeling is cold … heavy … numbness


Its pretty obvious that the idle mind is the devil’s workshop. So said dad during the holidays at home.

So said the legendary El Papa , the flat mate of mine in Mumbai.

The author doesn’t really understand whether its any evil or bad-guy allusion in particular. But the thought flow in fursat (idle state) is certainly chaotic

Anyway, Christmas hols are here and I am stumped with a 3 day long weekend. One does live  weekdays wondering about the relaxing long weekend one would have at the turn of the week. But yet, when it arrives you have no idea what to do other than sleep and eat. And yeah! The thoughts flow uninterrupted by day to day phenomena …

Throw in flat mates going away for the weekend and you are stuck in your huge 3 bedroom apartment all for yourself. Its an amusing kick, the thought that goes the Culkin way , “The guys left me home alone” . Freedom ..pristine, invisible and unaccountable! But yet , the kick is temporary and gets overshadowed by thoughts. Just thoughts …old thoughts which one usually tries to subdue with the weight of your job, your businesses, and living through the present day deliverables.

I wonder if something like The last solace in a Universe of Chaos exists. A romantic would impulsively say that the panacea to this requirement is love! But borrowing from good ol’ Al Pacino from the Devil’s advocate , Insipid! The same sensation that occurs as an equivalent to consuming a buxom quantity of dark chocolate ….

So good ol’ Pacino suggests a substitute that is way cheaper and free of baggage.So I actually tried chocolate and ice cream while watching TV. Nopes! Didn’t really work. The claustrophobia and the solitude persisted. That reminds me of good ol’  Sam , an old friend from IIM-C.

With Sam, I worked out this concept of bliss in solitude . But I guess besides  the kick of a soundingly, apparently , theoritically peaceful approach, it didn’t really work. Perhaps because I am not into being a lone ascetic yet 😉 Or perhaps because all these days, I have been lonely anyway, irrespective of people always being there around me.

So its not even physical solitude that seems to be the problem. Just the thought coming up since I have the time to let it come up for these 3 days. The thought that I have been living  in a mind set of solitude, either dormant or active. all along

I shall then,pump up at the gym a bit, do my twilight jog,  dress up in my funkiest way to date,  and hit the city after the Sun goes down.

Is there such a thing as the last solace in a Universe of Chaos .  . Lets see, wonder and hope an answer comes …

yours truly,

still the dark,fast and fiery,

Ghost Runner

**The Metro Kolkatan Epic** Episode 3: Lord of the kachoris

The laws of my genetically inherited motion sickness didn’t fail to come back in repercussions. As I took the metro again. From tollygunge to Rabindra Sarobar to Kalighat to J.D.Park to Rabindra Sadan and boooom !!! The motion sickness returns …To retribute my defiance of it by the metro travelling

So I got down at Rabindra Sadan, an area famous for the St.Paul’s cathedral and the rotary club of Kolkata. Anyway …

I went to this big Haldiram out let and ordered a Raj Kachori. The French girl seemed to be scared because of the inner constituents of this magnificient Indian answer  to the McDonalds bugger. Reminded her of vomit (ha ha ha !!! )

Raj Kachori

And then I came to know that there is this queer French dish called Tartiflette (picture shown below) . I must say looked like a Raj Kachori with the outer part removed. Hence,I concluded that it is patriotic favoritism and not exactly the European paranoia at Indian junk food. Hmm it matters anyway .. 😛


Verse of the day:

And so I ate the Kachori lord

That generally generates a big fat bod

Similar is this amusing thingie, the  tartiflette

Supposedly  loved by every French brunette


Va te faire fouttre?

It means “wtf” in French

Both are anyway bad for your diet

I have no idea what more to write  !! 😛


(and the metro-kolkatan saga continues ….  )

The experience

It was quiet out there

With me filling  application forms

Those cliche’ formalities and norms

The night was calm and bare

I fell asleep … too tired to care

Dreaming of  market-crisis … I throw up

Crazy Theories …  To say its all over

Would  I even afford a lawn mower  ? 😛

Was still writing an SOP, life’s sum-up

Wanted pets … but can I afford a pup ?


Then I shifted dreamland to short term

Like a person hesitant of the future

Thoughts one not commended to nurture

Wondered like a crisis-struck IIMian pachyderm

If placements would see the brand still firm


“Conspiracy theories you have” … one said

“Out there . learning curve has  value now”

But still, the uneasiness persists … Mr.know-how!

Am still  worried about butter and bread

And if I can afford imported marmalede spread  😉


Then I wake up to see the dawn

In a jog, I feel the morning gale

Like an innocent grace of a fawn

In sun, my face was no more pale

Cheered up inspite of the dreamy tale


Solution for this fear, I don’t have

But no point in being overly fearful

No solution for now that’s all suave

But the  morning jog  made me cheerful

Today’s break fast was so marmalede-full 😛


Again , now, it is quiet out there

With me filling  application forms

Those cliche’ formalities and norms

The morning is again calm and bare

I compose poetry … too charged to care

Grow your hair long before it falls off

Fear! The boy’s hair would be lost

I know for sure

Shucks! He no longer felt pure

He didn’t know whom to accost

Couldn’t get it back at any cost


Then one fine day

He heard the witty ones say

An advice so witty he couldn’t say nay!

“My lad! Let the hair on your head grow

Through the darkness, the light will flow 😛 !”


That exactly is the theme of this post. There is no constructive analysis here.Its just plain, straight and crude.As the title says, Grow your hair long at least once in life lest it might fall off someday.And you might never get a chance again.

Oh ..okay! Let me put the thoughts down in a more logical order.

As a child , I had a fetish for dippa cutting (as dad called it) otherwise known in non-colloquial usage as the summer hair-cut.Winter, monsoon or summer, it was always the proverbial summer cut when I go to the barber.

Then one fine day in the final year of my Engineering, my mom suddenly said, “Chinna! You are growing bald!”And then dad noticed and then ammamma and then little sister.

The first streak of hair right above the forehead had come off ! And that, from among the orthodox, annoying set of unabashed human assumptions, indicates the onset of a receding hair line. If you say it in the language of American football, the first yard had been cleared.

So I took the initiative to grow my hair long so that the hair from top of the skull grows long enough to cover the forehead.And people now, think that I am a super-haired chap (Please ! No obscene pun intended)

For the first time in my life, I have to pull my hair back when I wash my face.Though the act seems mundane and inarticulate … for me , its an amusing feeling! 😛

The epilogue:

Recent conversations with a certain doctor-aunt indicated that unlike good ol’ pa, my hair will intactly last for another half-century …muhahahah.Guess the long hair routine kept me spirited long enough so that I could hear this fantastic chunk of news ..cheers !! 🙂

**added later**    A pic of the hair right now

Metallethics-Part 2: the rock star interview (and peformance)

(continued from previous post … )

NOTE: These are purely the views of the person interviewed but also based on generic common sense.Nonetheless, the readers are free to voice their opinions via the comments. The comments are allowed to be anonymous or non-anonymous,gentle or brutal, straight or controversial, clever or stupid, sensible or senseless.Just dont abuse me 😉 😛 ..,


Here’s a complimentary performance by Shetty ,… Black Sabbath’s Iron Man

original links: (for those in IIIT-H)


ps : Shetty ban gaya hero 😛

ps1: next post … a potentially-very-controversial, supernatural, heavy-minded, psychological thriller of a short story 😉 (gets darker & heavier than even the “Night of the Flip Top” serial)

Metallethics: the rock star interview Part 1

Foreword: Irrespective of whether you know what heavy metal is or not …. go ahead test the waters of this new gyaan

“Metal music + ethics = Metallethics”

What is the distinction of heavy metal from other forms of music ?

What is the philosophy or ideology behind heavy metal music ?

Is heavy metal music a bane to society and low class form of music ?

Is it the reason/influence behind certain tragedies in society ?

Is heavy metal a bad influence on young minds ? ….

etc. etc.,

Here goes the investigation ..see the indigenously made interview-video and you shall understand 🙂

for the original link :



(to be continued in the next post)

Curse the leg …

Christ !! The pain !!! I am actually shouting at the top of my voice in my room …

What if …what if … a human already suffering from an all-pervading,soul-eating inner emotional pain suddenly encounters a pain in his leg that makes him wish he were dead rather than live the night in that condition … 😛 You see thats when all the anger,the rage, the inner-voice shoots out …

(No one blames me for this … most of you in my current physical state would be crying for your mother ..that includes you guys too , Devu, X and MD !!! )

Thats how some see it ...bloody ...

Thats how some see it ...bloody ...

So the logical flow of everything mentioned so far is simple ! Degraded ! Degraded necrophiliacs ! Thats what the people are, who pained and in a way, killed Mr.RPR ….

And so I was talking on this to my journalist pal and Grand sensei, Slippy

And we mutually inferred the following thoughts …

And after these girls do become part of the liaison, they decide to abandon everything when their daddy comes to know and scratches his groin with frustration because his girl has a bf

Fine all ye disgusting bimbettes ! Dont leave your daddies (totally valid argument … parents first) , but give the guy some consideration, fight for him !! At least give him the satisfaction that you were not weak before giving in to your parents’ complaints (about different caste. non-NRI, non-crorepati, et al)

DH, an immediate junior of mine, in IIIT-H, who (bless him !! ) got into Stanford , tells me about his elder brother. His brother exactly underwent the same thing as good ol’ RPR. His mom and DH underwent trauma too .They literally fed him food while he was mugging for GRE (the guy’s brain was so broken that he could n’t eat and study at the same time)

And the girl who did that ? She’s fine macha ! Married to a rich chap from their community and having happy no-work all-paisa life !!! Yuck !! Talk of shameless creatures and path of least resistance …

But there are wonderful girls , like say , Grand sensei Slippy !! Who was a school topper (she was my junior at school 🙂 ) and probably is a wonderful daughter.She leveraged these qualities and made her relationship work. You cursed nincompoops ! All that was required to make your relationship was a lil’ more effort … if you are weak ..why dont you realize that you are actually killing an other person …one who blindly trusted you …

Spawn aka Vasan ! He long ago said on my face I will always respect what parents say , but then I can’t cheat a human.I will give my parents time to think it over and accept , if I do end up loving someone from outside my community ! The runner bows to you old friend !

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EXABLOG: prelude to the half-manager post

As per the exablog tradition, this is the definition of exablog

the thinking-part

Anyway tomorrow is one last exam of the third term namely Personal Economics in HRM,a subject that involves thinking on toes in an exam.Vo vo hands itch … here’s one of those rhymes again …
Hmm so sir !!You want a thinkie ??

But most would give a paper u wud call stinky

Why cant it be a nice lil’ muggu paper

Where one gets marks and not become a cartoon caper !

But nonetheless, a majority would emphasize on filling rather than thinking.Oh well! Keeps them happy I guess, at least until the results are out.Err ..ahem! That set includes me of course 😛

Home-coming of the Lilli

Anyway Lilli aka DVL in Qual Comm .So Lilli coming back to hyderabad !


My hyd-coming

16th March.Good that I get to do a bit of what fellow-gults would call kirkiri 😉 !

What am I talking about ? Nothing re mamu … planned lots of misadventures, in Hyderabad and beyond 😉

More on this later …

… wearing the pants

*Timeline : Day 0*

happy ?!?!

I went



Zeroed 🙂

Thats all for now


Rap of the day: (a tribute to itself , a rap that played a part in something really nice :P) …

(theme : a kid who just got into high school, who graduates from wearing shorts to wearing pants as part of his uniform)

No more a kid u know

Dress myself and there I go

I might still crash my bike

I might still shout in the mike

I might still play stupidly with a lime

I might still get caught with dirt and slime

But don’t you guys give me your rants

Because I am right now wearing the pants !!!! 😉