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A pioneering sight

I wake up in the morning today and randomly open the IIIT Blogroll link to see whats up there. I found this …

a pioneering sight

click to enlarge

I am sure its not something that classifies as “path-breaking” , but it amused me that three from my batch were the three most recent bloggers on Blogroll.

Hope a day comes when I see the first 10 visible entries belonging to BTech 2k3 bloggers of IIIT.


ps: Please! Don’t confuse this with “love for my batch” or “love for the Gachibowli Institute of tech”. Don’t have a stark liking for either.

ps1: And please please please! Do read the last post about classroom participation at the IIMs 😉

The IIITian Timeline : Part-4


(continued from last post) 



Still fat no more 😉 Still moustache gone. Goatee gone as well. Pakka bhola bhaala  look came in. :p 

Life revolved around her,CAT prep. and the anime, Bleach ! It was one crazy sem   ! 😀 My life’s combo was more like that of  Yachiru and Zaraki Kenpachi 😛(yeah! the bad sense of direction  & tendency to  get lost , included 😉 ..hehe)

Prof.Jonty had to act like she knew me,as I was still project-afying (superficially)  under her.Amit (my project partner) had to agree that I was THE best (worst ???) when it came to covering up (by doing lil’/no work that is 😉 )

Haha! Oh forgot to mention..wore only jeans ..nothing but jeans.In fact kept trying the Vaastav look of long kurta , jeans , and gelled hair with tilak ..but then dropped the idea.After all, don’t want to show folks a horror cinema in broad daylight , do we ?  hey baava thok daalu kya !!

Literary club meetings were fun ! Successfully played the comedian (comedian in literary club!Please understand and dont request elaboration!) everytime I attended the club meetings.

DVL aka Lilli was getting  obsessed with the catch phrase “Arre O Saleem Pheku!Tu kya bhak raha hain re” (courtesy: “The Angrez” movie) especially when good ol’ me tended to act modest  🙂

Halley ‘s tummy  grew to colossal proportions.Even a XXXL shirt couldn’t hide it ! Thats when folks started singing ,

Halley the gr8’s bellyyyy ….it shakes like pure jellyyyyy !


No moustache.No goatee.No fat.No eyes!Err..I mean ..the eye-sight index increased by a number or two.

The Great depression set in.When I look back at it,I am surprised I survived.

At the death of 2006,Won all races at the Sports meet.Got into a D-company.Got all CAT calls.PKV said “Abbulugadu muttukundalla bangaarame!”  I started singing the Bluff master title song,only that I  replaced Bluff master with Fluke master.  But yeah! New year’s eve was never more joyful 🙂

And Prithvi lifetd the Sports trophy after years of Agnian domination.

Had to prepare for the interviews.So did it at a medium level intensity.Prayed I get into Bengalooru for the sake of being close to home.Aaaaargh! Okay ..okay!The truth!!For the sake of hot chicks .Got C instead.Hey! Thats ok 🙂 …the  Baba Moshai conceptology is not bad either!

Academically my worst sem.Was determined to get an SG of below 6 somehow!! But no matter how painfully,masochistically,addle-a**ly hard  I tried , I couldn’t !  😦 My bad !

Played the ultimate goofy  (third time in four years about having the goof-record) at the Mr.Felicity finals.Was paired up with a super-mutated jelly-monster from some unknown planet in Two to tango round.Surely, the wild boars in the Asterix comics would have had a run for their money ‘coz of her!!!

Played myself in the skit at SPLASH’O7 .It was fun and the jackass of a catch phrase that goes like ..“Dauduthaaa dauduthaaa mein ban gayaa baba” (in  mercilessly mutilated Hindi) became famous ..ahem!I mean notorious!

Gave a farewell speech too at Farewell’07!For once I stayed out of controversy,that night


I am supposed to say now ..

And so end four wonderful years of IIITian life.Never again will I be part of such a wonderful family, the Professors,the trees , the buildings .friends,the coffe shop, you and me …”

But I would rather not say anything that senti .Rather, this is the verse of the day ..


Verse of the day

It is only saying good bye for the day

To  slogging, workload, and the gangway

‘Coz life is full of that anyway …

So without much ado

I say “good luck to u too”

x-x-x (to those who know I am addressing them)x-x-x

I am going away now

With that same humble bow

Haha ! Lower than the style of Hu-Jintao :p

But I am going away ..not as a whole

‘coz what i leave behind with you is my Soul !

– (for the last IIITian time)

Good luck to u all,

good ol’ abbulugadu 🙂


The IIITian Timeline : Part 3


(continued from last post)



Sometimes you do crazy things.One of them (in my oh-so-miserable case) was to lose weight . Fine! But instead of doing it the rightful healthy way , Mr.Frustoo (me,of course!!) becomes so frustoo that he decides to nearly starve himself to death and nearly run himself to lame-hood! Blah!!

Anyway was fat no more.Moustache gone.Rather started sporting a goatee like the ones the Palestinian foot-soldiers  have . 

images4.jpg (creepy na !! )

Anyway , ended up doing an honors project under the great one (Prof.VUR)  himself.My project partner was none other than the mighty TA (tough Akka ) !! (the same one who slapped Mr.KTN so hard that he forgot who his gf was …muhahaha !!) So anyway,my plight in the remaining project-filled sem, I leave to your imagination 😐  !! Of course I wasn’t slapped though 🙂 lucky me !!

This was one active semester .Apun participated in every event I could lay my eyes on (or rather eyes,hands,legs,a**,etc., ) of course didn’t win anything , but who cares ,as some arbitrary fellow said , “U participated na bhai , thats enough!! “

Cut my left thumb on the football goalpost’s hook.Successfully  created a red-coloured hand foutain.

Wrote a big (read as humongous as Yokozuna’s derrerie )  post about a Prof. It was my first full fledged abusive post.To this day,that was the post which had the most number of hits in  my blog 😐  Talk about the world going bad!!

Won my first race at the sports meet.Birth of the oh-so-weird Running man myth 🙂 Got sooo dehydrated that evening that some pals actually thought about making arrangements for my funeral 😉


This was the sem where I started getting freaky ..I mean absolutely,stupendously (and , pathetically ?? ) freaky.

Even went to some classes in shorts 😉 Took my short ..errr…I mean shirt off at Felicity’06 . Aha! Talking about Felicity’06, had one hell of a time.Was an anchor on stage for most of the evening on day-3 🙂 Drove many a sober-minded student jittery with my usual goofy antics ..muhahah!!

BTP under Prof.Jonty.She must have tabbed giving me a project as one of the greatest blunders of her life 😉

Started writing the notorious gossip poems in my blog.Some found it amusing.The tall fellowof my batch found it his mental-vasectomy!!!!Mr.V kept making a comedian out of himself by publicly requesting me (in the comments) to keep his name out of it .

(for the emotional angle) At Farewell’06 ,  I looked into the crowd , looked up into the sky,saw a star,made a wish (just for the grandilomaniacal picture,not that I ever believed such astronomical mish-mash) ! Lil’ did i know that it would come true.

Mr.BK abused someone for the first time in his life.The target = me!! Talk about  tolerance-breaking expertise!! 😉

Of course ! At the end of the sem,finnallllly,  found someone 😀  ..haha! the prophecy (in 1-2 was  fulfilled , the wish (in 3-2) was granted !!

(to be continued …)


Verse of the day :

 Finally, after two whole years, I said

Bindaas! This concept’s filled my head

CG dumped! Rules bumped!

As Frank Sinatra would say ..

I’m Happy ! I at last I do it my way 😀


(to be continued … )

The IIITian timeline : Part 2

(continued from last post)


Was still fat and still had the moustache.Lost a lil’ bit of the pregnant-ladylike  tummy of course,thanks to a super mutated case of diarrhoea !

Witnessed the first north-south cold war of the batch.  😦 Thank God it didnt go overboard.Never again after that did the batch go at logger heads based on blatant,crappy regional feelings.

Was a judge at the Mr.nMs. Fresher prelims at Keane school. Had one hell of a time watching the girls shake ! Wait!I dont mean dance! I meant trembling in fear of the perceptibly-demonic seniors …muhahaha !!  (of course .. doing something actually demonic would land you before the disco (disciplinary commitee) and then you would dance for sure, what say IV 😉 )

After that the sem was hell personified.At the end of the sem , I got out of Prof.P.R.K.Rao’s Probablity Course with a C and Dr.B.K.Dey’s Linear  Algebra course with a B- . That sounds mediocre , but to me, such an achievement convinced me that I can nominate myself for the Nobel Prize for Mathematics ..honest!!


Still fat though not exactly on the obese side anymore.Finally started wearing jeans (I mean , n0t actually started :p ..just wore jeans twice in the whole sem)

Still maintained the villager look and the thakur-like moustache !

Movies with friends and oggling at every keka girl became a routine !

 Finally understood that if you dont understand a subject, stuff it all into your mouth and puke all over the answer sheet.[RK the dirty would say “Stuff it all up your a** and s*** all over the answer sheet” . Yuck!  Anyway this lame-ass philosophy, inspite of being a lame-ass philosophy, pushed my lucky-fat-ass  up to the fourth position in class thats sem. (now that is what is called fluke )

Felicity 2K5 was fun.Wasn’t a big hit though 😦  But I really enjoyed myself. For the first time in my left-legged life,I danced ,of course , not on stage though 😉

LCS classes amused me , not ’cause of Dr.Gary’s hyper-decibelisation (boleto volume of lectures tends to infinity !!! ) , but because of the sight of Mr.G and Ms.S dhooming to class on a bike and sticking together throughout the class.While I slept as the prof.  lectured,always dreamt that  Gary would play Amrish Puri and take them apart ..tch tch!!

The last time elections  were held to decide the members of the students Parliament . Dr.Blabber then decided to cancel all elections because in his opinion,the students had begun to behave like political hooligans and Goondarajah s.The ug2k3ians , even enacted a play on this during SLASH’07 ..oops! I mean SPLASH’07 !

 (to be continued ..)


Verse of the day

In my second IIITian year

I lived in whole-hearted  😉  fear

Of CGPA!! How pathetic to hear .. 😦

In the end , mustering all apan ka might

I declared , “CG  saaaaks! Take light! “


The IIITian timeline : Part-1


These hands of mine itch , really itch to write some thing so , here I come up with a timeline 😛 ..

(*-* boleto year-sem)


 images2.jpg (the days of the moustachio 😉 )

For the first IIITian time ,I enter the IIITian main entrance at the IIITian main block ..and mutter  in the true blue, cliche’, cinematic style …

” IIIT! Never fear ..ooops ..sry ..I mean … Always fear because I am here ..”

(a tribute to  IV 😉 ) Bullocks up asr’s  Oesophagus! What would I know then that I am just a koopastha mandookamu (frog in the well ! ) walking into the big league!

Who would n’t forget when I played goofy on stage during the Mr.Fresher finals (yeah!it was a miracle I made it that far 😉 )

Prof.JAWS actually loved to think that he was a shark when he used to make me  do C-programs at class (read bite,gobble and swallow me up)Of course others didnt even know I existed 😀

That tall item chap of  my batch still owes me 25 bucks for a burger x(

Who would forget when Prof.MaMu asked Shakeeb his roll number , remembered it for the whole sem and failed him .Aha! Because of such events in ug2k3ian history, simple sentences like “Excuse me!What is your roll number ?” sound like you are in the middle of a wild-bull stampede !!!!

1-2 :

 Things started getting better , reluctantly became the “Triple H” (all pun intended) of the batch (courtesy : Anand Vasudev) ..was actually (hold ur foot in your mouth!) good at the age of conquerors 😉 game.

Prof.Jonty knew me but used to act like she didn’t 😦

Prof.Kaul didn’t know me but used to act like he did 🙂

A time when Mouli’s weight  was < 100 Kilos

Hey ! I was fat too :p then


My(frustoo  boy) first conversation(read verbal war) with Mr.Srinivasan Sampathkumar(good boy and best buddy)  … I am sure he cried later that day :p

At the sem’s end, Mouli(mowgli) and Sandeep (sandy) eat their first pizzas in my persuasive presence 🙂

That same evening , looked at the then fourth year student Mr.VR and thought , “Wouldn’t I love to be in his shoes ? “  It was a prophecy ..honestly ..a prophecy 😉

(to be continued ….. )


Verse of the day :

 First year,  I never rested

And my brain got tested

But those quizzes kept getting busted

Frustoo I was , but tried to be calm

Yeah! Even without applyng Zandu Balm  …..


Link of the day :

(check it out in uncyclopedia as well ..hehe!U will definitely enjoy it)

[Courtesy : Grand sensei Slippy …. 😀  😉 ]

The one on college rankings

Okay lets get down to business straight away …. in the India today survey IIIT-H  is ranked at a mediocre No.16 , far down the alley as compared to IIIT-A which is ranked at no.8 .What rubbed salt on the IIITian’s ego-wounds was the fact that VIT’s at two places above IIIT-H at no.16!!!! Not to mention other waste-in-our-perception  kind of colleges which surged ahead . Okay all that was already said and done.

But guess we can have some respite in the fact that in the recent survey by The Outlook  , which used a similar method as India today , there’s way too much variance for comfort. This more or less indicates that college rankings are not necessarily a reflection of a college’s standard.

In fact going by the mag. rankings IIIT-H at least  ended up with rank-16 because of its past record ! If we were to consider just the last year’s parametrical-evaluation , thenwe wouldn’t be figuring even in the top-20 !! 😦 

Anyway some insights into the Outlook’s  rankings  are given (the main difference is that this magazine seperated out the govt. and the private colleges. What perplexes me is that our apna  IIIT was given a govt college status )

IIIT-H’s scores in the various parameters :

  1. Intellectual capital : 407/600 
  2. Pedagogic system : 135/200
  3. Industry interface : 308/400   (very high score for this parameter ! 😀 )
  4. Placements : 277/400  (sad to say ! But this is where we fared poorly compared to other colleges)
  5. Infrastructure and Facilities : 377/650  (this is below average score among the good colleges ! )

VIT (yet again !! )  is ranked at No.7 among private coll.s( yo! you read it right ..s- e-v- e -n  )

IIIT-H is ranked at no.20 among govt. colleges 😦 .Of course IIIT-A is ranked no.26 which gives us a lil’ relief  😉

But seriously speaking , if we were to go by scores alone , IIIT-H (whose score was 1504/2250) would have been 4th  had it been categorised as a private college  (which I guess should have been the case 😐 )

Apart from the top 15 , there isn’t much of an intersection in the rankings by India today  and The outlook.  So, light! The rank-viewing is just to be considered a pastime activity!


ps : For more details , take an India Today dated June4 and an outlook dated June 11 (the library’s got a subscription,so must have got it by now ) ..and check it out 🙂

The “Baba Mashai” post

The Kolkata adjuncto
Its a rip-off from the Babu Mashai catch-phrase.If I dont clear the wait lists … I would be going to IIM-C (Kolkata) .So I guess Baba Mashai is widely and popularly touted to be my future nick down under 🙂

Anyway,considering that I almost got depressed to a vegetative state one month before the CAT 2K6 , I infer that I came back pretty well .Guess that would make it much easier for me to try to forgive certain people 😐

Speaking of IIM-C , learnt that they hold this Inter-BSchool Sports Meet , a tourney jointly hosted by XLRI .And also, they say there would be this official online magazine where students can write. Naaaaiiiice ! 😉

Erra B and VVHB

So I make this list of boys and girls whom I would beat up (now dont get serious ppl!Its a joke!) ..before leaving IIIT. When it came to the girls ..Erra Balu suddenly got all senti when he saw a certain lady’s name.He asked ,

Erra Balu :Orey! Tana peru enduku raasav ? (why her name ? )

Me : Random :p

Erra Balu : Vaddu ra! Paapam manchidi! (No da! She’s a good girl!)

me : Huh! :O

Erra Balu : Please ! I like her very much ! Please leave her alone lest you want me to forget you are my friend!

Me : What the heck ?

the abbulu conclusion : There you have it ! Krishnaditya/Erra Balu/Lal Bal/Hritik/Amazonian is in love ! Someone do something 😦 !! I dont want to see this story incomplete.

Unfinished tales

Speaking of incomplete tales,there started this strange tale of a moron who did eccentric and esoteric things for something that was not really a part of his academic curriculum :p

And now all those outwordly things bore fruit.But the hands of destiny had been so powerful that he lost the very “something” he did all those things for. He’s supposed to be happy.He’s supposed to be partying hard , celebrating his recent successes.But he’s just sitting there, waiting for his miracle , inspite of knowing that it was never meant to be more than just a memory …

Asian myths say that when a person leaves a place (in this context ,IIIT) with unfulfilled wishes , his soul demographically stagnates in the memory of that place . A memory of a time when our dear lil’ moron was engorged in joy! Hmm..wouldn’t he sell his very soul to get those days back , of a time when he was truly alive …


ps : Yet to collect no-dues. So guess I am riding back to IIITian land.

ps1 : Sirius has got his MS.Now he will stay here for two more years 😉

ps2 : I just made a deal with the devil!So,like the ghost-rider , I stand a danger of becoming the ghost-runner ! :p

ps3 :Like a true IIITian,my last semester’s SG will be my worst to date.

ps4 : Hahaha ! ManU lost 0-3 to ACMilan .

Days of my life

20th April ,one year ago , marked the beginning of what some folks called  abbulugadu’s lightning era

I look back and have nothing to say! I smile, thinking of a time when I was the happiest ! In the evening today,I went with Devu and Abhinav to Ice n Spice.Yeah! Ordered that big ice-cream called “Titanic Mania” . The last time I ordered it was….. hmm … why should I tell ?? 😉

Only a vague statement from a distant memory shouts at me , Intha peddadi elaa thintaav ra babu :p  

Whatever happens ..I shall always remember 20th April , the very day last year,when I started to know what true happiness in life is really about.Happy anniversary abbulu ! Hahaha I going senti or what ! 😉

– abbulugadu


ps  : The IIM results got post-poned again ! 😦

Mask of froggo :Return of the legend

Long long ago they whispered that the great amphibian of OBH was lost in oblivion .The last one to see it was our very own Mr.S.Srinivasan.

Vasan then said …” The BF(bespectacled frog) is missing. Either it died fighting a valiant battle with the bathroom cleaners. Or it might be in your bathroom. Beware!

BF the legend

Haa..and good ol’ me let it fall on deaf ears ..a warning that would soon become a prophecy :p So,today,after the 10K routine (hehe … another legendary thing :p) , I go to the bathroom to wash off . I was soo damn exhausted that I didnt notice anything , the BF was waiting .I was just about to turn on the shower and voila ! I notice the BF staring at me (Unlike in Vasan’s case, it wasn’t napping this time..byaaad abbulu byaad)

It was almost as if the frog was communicating telepathically emulating Banderas in The Mask of Zorro , saying “Sio nara abbulu! The legend has returned” .I couldn’t escape thats easily. It was on the door-side of the shower cabin while poor ol’ me was cornered on the other side 😦 Reached for the bolt , unbolted the door.But still couldn’t make my escape because I had to get through the legend itself :p

Then I decided to take a risk..a plan ..a gamble for survival from a legendary (excessive usage ?? ) amphibious, potentially-lethal,infinitely-petrifying entity .My plan was to splash a bucket full of water at it and it gets forced out of the door.So, before it could recoil,the running man (me) would have made good his escape.

Then I thought , what if the frog evolved over time, mutated or whatever and became poisonous or something. What if it jumps on me and bites me ,and I get poisoned. Anyway,I took the risk!!! The stage was set.The plan executed and I was successful in making my escape. (There were hiccups in the course of the plan but I find it too embarassing to get into the details )

But something tells me he will come back …. and this time I will be waiting …. 😉


ps : Exams done ! And I just started spamming the ug4-list! May God save the meek 😉

ps1 : Is there anyone who could get into a puking contest with Marylin Manson!

ps2 : Haha… B.V.S.S.Siva Kumar has got a new crush among the ug3 girls. My hands are itching to make the relevation.But control abbulu control! There is a thing called honour among friends.

ps3 : Watching Chaos right now.

ps4 : Reading Upamanyu Chatterjee’s English August simultaneously. And oh! The book’s front cover page has the picture of a frog.Now thats Ittefaq (love this word! )

ps5: Trying to be happy.But only trying to …. 😦

ps6 : Will make some big (read as colossal,humongous, God-size ) decisions within the next three days.

ps7 : While most people are busy creating hit-lists (inspired from yours truly’s list ) , Erra Balu’s creating a lust-list 😉

ps8 : Today is Thursday :p

ps9 : So ….

ps10 : Tomorrow is Friday.

ps11 : Wrote a short story called TOFA .Will publish soon.

ps12 : This is the end.

ps13 : YarG’s just come to lab after finishing his ALP paper .He looks like he just returned from a date with the ugliest,dirtiest and smelliest girl on the planet ..LOL

ps14 : Oh sorry! Forgot its the end 🙂

The arbitrarily written mixed bag post

The summer-heat is here :

I woke up today

Expecting a nice sunny day

But it was HOT to my dismay

Darn!The nice lil’ OBH lawn

Was already boiled at dawn !?!?!?!

The big fight  :

Folks still whisper about it.A sports event turned big-time brawl which was free-for-all !!

Why! Some rotten faced ravens actually think I was behind all that happened. How am I involved in a ug1 & ug2  joint event ?? Maaaaan! If a fight comes people start shouting my name ?!?!?!?!

Aha! I remember back then in the beginning of 2006,when SJ bhai  was scaring the ug2k3ians during a basketball match ,my batch mates started shouting baba!baba!  :p ..phew!! thank God I was nowhere near that place!

Halley and Narada

The previous evening, Halley was watching Detective Narada , a movie so uniquely itemish   that it was actually interesting (to Halley)

Now I wonder whether it is Halley’s joblessness or his item-ism that actually made him enjoy the movie 😀 .Or maybe , that speaks for the whole batch’s joblessness !

Of Bartimaeus and Mandrake

The Bartimaeus Trilogy is fantasy series written by Jonathan Shroud. Good stuff! Lots of magic,adventure and political ideologies in a  make-believe alternate world. The 3rd part, Ptolemy’s Gate  (a copy is present in the IIITian library) is note-worthy !

abbulu’s after thought : One of the main characters is John Mandrake!I wonder what it would have been had it been a lady …  Joanna (instead of John) , Woman (instead of Man) and  duck (instead of drake) ….so we have Joanna Womanduck !! (Any feminists listening?)

The IIITian dilemma

“What in the name of the shit-headed rugrats and the level-headed intellectuals …is happening ? ”

–  abbulugadu

Hmm….I hated (or so I claimed) this place all along ,throughout.But,now I am so sad about leaving it 😦 .Gosh!And I thought such things happen only in masaledar  Bollywoodishtyle romantic films !?!?!


ps :  A broken chair , a broken finger and a broken jaw ! Just few more days ra abbuluga ! Don’t lose control yet!

ps1 : Many folks over the course of my final year,attributed the  Ravana-turned-Ram transformation to me. Thank you all !  😀

ps2  : Finally opened CN texbook today for the first time in the semester 🙂 I observed its a fat book , with lots of scary stuff in it .Now should decide when to start reading it.