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Joey versus Barney

The Announcement:

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Children of all ages! The Ghost Runner and the  Stud farm wing of IIM-Calcutta proudly present the match of all matches … ***JOEY*** VS ***BARNEY***

The Entries:

Joey enters the boxing Arena!  Background entry music : Akon’s I wanna f**k you !”

Barney enters the Arena! Background music : John Scatman’s “I am a scat man! “

The Fight:

And the battle begins ….

***Ting! Ting! ***

Round 1:

Ms. S and Ms.M were having break fast. I land up in front of them and ask , Ladies! If I ever ask you to choose between who is more awesome between Joey and Barney!”

Impulsively the girls said “Joey!!!”. Because he is supposedly cuter !

Round 1 winner: Joey


Round 2:

Then I heard some random guy shout from behind me , “When its awesomeness, you look at who is funnier, wittier and yes ! more awesome …”

Round 2 Winner: no contest … only a petition to change the rules of evaluation were given. Fair enough!!!


Round 3:

Anyway … even if it comes to just the “ladies-getting” potential , I have a rough estimate that Barney in 3 seasons got more girls than Joey did in 10 seasons. [Finance company honcho Barney gets more ladies than hot guy Joey! Do I see an imaginary Barney doing “high five”  somewhere !!! 😉 ]

Round 3 Winner: (on the basis of a big bank balance and sitcom statistics ) Barney


Round 4:

A certain European girl said …  “Joey is Italian !”

Aha! That brings me to another interesting point. Most people seem  to love everything Italian because it is supposedly very exotic and/or macho and/or fashionable 😛  ….. Mario Puzo, Pizza, God father, Rocky Balboa, Lasagna, and of course Joey Tribbiani !!!! 😉

Round 4 winner: (on the basis of being an Italian. And also according to some desperate ladies, looking like an Italian porn star) Joey


Round 5:

Barney says things like  “Bimbos  are mankind’s salvation because they delegate your frustration away without having to create a liability on you “,

While Joey says things like  “Hahaha! Yeah ! Duh! Err! Ahem !! hahaha”

Round 5 winner : (on the basis of  conquering girls with just one-liners  and winning fans with awesome wit & street smartness) Barney

So far its on level, 2 rounds to 2!

And may the battle continue  …. 😀