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Theory of Indian RELATIVE-ity : #1

Disclaimer: Hypotheses in the following post have neither been verified nor quantified.

#Naukri Axiom MMXII-X: “The Theory of Indian RELATIVE-ity  “

Boy : Uncle ji ! I got job in Hyderabad/ Bangalore
Boy’s uncle : Abey useless fellow ! Money u spent on IT course vaapas kitne saal baad milega …

(fast forward x yrs)
Boy: Uncle ji ! I got job in Calcutta
Uncle: Abey useless fellow ! Communist banjayega tho khaane keliye sirf laal janda bachega

(fast forward x more yrs)
Boy : Uncle ji ! I got job in Mumbai
Uncle: Abey useless fellow ! Insurance agent bangaya kya ? Lekin tera apna insurance premium bhar paayega ?


(fast forward some more years) Boy : Uncle ji! Getting married

Uncle : Abey useless fellow! Teri to …

Boy: Wait! Girl’s dad is rich ,,,

Uncle: Waah mere bhaanje ! Mujhe hamesha pata tha tu sabse useful hain ! Dahej kitna mila ?


The MUMBAIkar saga Episode 9 : A few good laughs

The Comedy Store , Palladium, Phoenix mills, Mumbai 🙂   http://www.thecomedystore.in/

The first stand up comedy theatre in India.With a full fledged bar and restaurant outside . Well established stand up comics who throw you into peals of laughter. A perfect way to celebrate weekend nights. An even better option to warm up your spirits if you are planning to go to a late night party.

The last time the author went there was in the first week of Jan 2011. There were around 4 different stand up comedians with varying styles. But they seemed to jerk up all kinds of real time satires and hilarious sarcasm.

Of course all these constitute mostly degree 10 humour which a right wing person (belonging to the population thats the butt of the joke ) would not take lightly :p That means most of our grand parents would jump across the theatre and throw themselves at the comics to do a wrestling tackle! But well …. saying that itself bears testimony to the effectiveness of the comic act 🙂

Anyway, for the urban population living in or visiting Mumbai, you  should give this place a shot and you would surely think of going there again. Period.