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Mischief . Mayhem . Soap

The author has searched for long. rather too long, before he found the legal/legitimate facility for what has been quite the tangible wish for nearly a decade. (Now that, you see, is not one of those other ones of the author’s whims which last for the time duration of a tachyon)

All dust settled ….I am talking about this !  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mixed_martial_arts

And I found just the right place near home. http://www.xtremefightfederation.com

3 sessions down and I seem to have had faced the toughest training regimen of my life in the last 1 week. But its a good endorphin induced feeling at the end of every training evening. And since the whole theme of *learning to fight* is macho in its idea, I guess boys are biologically built to endorse it  (Haha! Did I sound like Freud )

Well ! For me, its much more simulataneously taxing and satisfying than even the running or the weight training at the gym. Period.

So gear up gentlemen! Stretch your knuckles,  shake your feet, rub your palms,  and lets get ready… to fight !          😛

– Ghost Runner

ps: SCMM 2011 !  Two days to go! Lets have some feverishly runnerish fun … shall we .. . hu ha !

The last thought

Aha ! This post is technically (but not in spirit) a sequel to the last post.

Because this was the topic I actually wanted to write on when I pulled myself out of bed a few days ago. But I however ended up writing something which is different …. Anyway before I once again digress, I shall get to the point ….

What would be my most prominent last thought when I am about to die ?  By using the word prominent , I allude to emphasize on significant thoughts .That don’t come and go in a  flash, but last for a substantial amount of time ,say, for at least the last 10 seconds. Lingering , disturbing , apparently non frivolous thoughts !!

I figure that I would just think about all the things I could have done in life if I was not dying. For example,

  1. Learn how to play the guitar ( the foolproof girl-swooning-induction factor 😉 )
  2. Learn French (another girl-swooning-induction factor.  )
  3. Learn drums (macho ! very macho ! )
  4. Learn salsa, learn kuchipudi and fuse them both to create a new dance form (that will help people with digestion problems !)
  5. Read and completely understand Tolstoy’s ‘war and peace’
  6. Work towards world peace
  7. Serve  an enriching service oriented term in the UN
  8. Finish Freud’s ‘Interpretation of dreams
  9. Direct a slasher flick called ‘dreams and screams’
  10. Master the ‘art of war‘ ,Sun Tzu style
  11. Master Rajni ‘s acting style
  12. Learn martial arts and hand to hand combat from Vladmir Putin
  13. Call and apologize to all ex gfs  (if I have any, by then ! :p)
  14. Buy a mercedes or at least steal one
  15. Play Buzkashi in Afghanistan
  16. Fight for rights of street dogs

and things like that…..

And then again , I cease to think whether I would really be thinking all these …… ???

Nopes! On second thoughts I would just be thinking one of the below :

  1. Shit
  2. F***
  3. That batch mate of mine is still earning more :p
  4. Oh no
  5. There is still the last piece of chicken left in the fridge
  6. shit
  7. f**k

well ! Thats it ….

Incept the dream among shit squeaks …

Everybody is talking about Inception. I see that this one `s rating shot up in imdb from an astonishingly ridiculous 6.* to an expected 9.*  in two days flat. Hmm … Probably the people who rated the movie before are all Americans … lol … the yankees don`t understand anything do they ? 😀  (Its a joke me hearties!)

A collegue and friend of mine writes this whole scene to scene description on imdb. Talk about serious fanhood 🙂 More dope on the movie is to be found  here and here!

The defn

Anyway, the dictionary defines it in a simple way as below :The beginning of something, such as an undertaking; a commencement

So I guess the combo of the successful movie`s theme and the definition prove the fact that dreams are in most cases the primary genesis of ideas.

The movie

To put the plot short, its about the protagonist and his team trying to change the thinking of a person by altering the origin of his thinking ,i.e.,  his subconscious. The medium to tap that subconscious is his dream.

I would take the pains to mention the character of Mal because the actress is sexy 🙂 and of course also because she is the main antagonist. The hero`s dead wife who being such a strong surpassed part of his memory? keeps popping up in his dreamland missions.

Yup! I guess memories are painful sometimes.


Leonardo de caprio is soon becoming an immaculate actor both because of his acting and the stories he selects. I mean his recent movies , Shutter Island and Inception (not to mention older ones like Catch me if you can, the Departed, The Aviator) make Titanic look like  shit-squeak.

Back to the movie ….

What this movie is  …

  1. Another feather in Leo`s cap
  2. Another diamond in Nolan`s treasure chest
  3. Good thought provoking movie leading to endless debates and interpretations
  4. One with the keep-guessing ending where the audience are free to make their conclusions on the hero`s fate
  5. The movie that shall make the totem famous  😉

What this movie is not …

  1. Though a brilliant piece,  its not an epic ,  like The dark knight or The Matrix or LOTR …. its more like a dramatic documentation of events (of the mind,yes !  but just events none the less) . The complexity is in the novelty of the theme not in the plot.
  2. It is like a lecture on the fictitious theme, but sans the ending, doesn`t leave much for the audience`s interpretation  ( audience`s imagination inducing … try the joker from dark knight for instance)

But still it is definitely a good movie, a messiah-like relief  compared to the shit-squeak  called knight and day which released at about the same time in India  (Of course! Wouldn`t deny that Cameron Diaz is still all woooooooh inducing)

Proud people

Boy ! The ones who would be so proud of the movie`s ideas are Freud (due to uncontrolled overwhelming projections which cross boundaries irrespective of the dream host …  the character Mal for instance) , Jung (due to the whole dream within a dream within a dream thing) and good ol`Lyn Chat (the technical reason why she likes it is something I don`t know.Just a hunch)

Emperor`s clothes analogy

Remember the  short kids` tale , The emperor`s new clothes ?

The amusing thing I observed about this movie is that some people , even if they might not  actually like it, end up saying that it was good.  Why ? Because they might possibly be scared that  denying its enjoyability is synonymous with shouting , *I am too stupid to understand!*

Awesome job by the makers for successfully inducing that kind of mass-thinking , even after the audience walks out the theatres … Not many movies do that these days!!  🙂