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Living the Interregnum

Sullen thoughts , sudden thoughts and the flashy ones come and go by. I sit in the garb of a mere whimsical dilletante  wondering at the thoughts which matter as they come like tachyons and then fly away just as fast …

Well these are the words this very author has been telling himself of late, about the ideas he keeps getting about writing his next post.

Unlike at college or B school, where I would in a stroke of pure ‘I do not care a rodent’s oesophagus about anything else’  thought process , would not let the thought go away.I would gladly open up this very wordpress account and start writing away in ill informed or mis informed or uninformed daze, (much to the chargin of the real informed ones … lol) about anything from simple bull**** to jingoistic controversy.

So now I think why do I let one of my greatest solaces (for the confused, its writing/blogging) in this mediocre existence :p dilute away just because I am now part of a working and emerging-nation-characteristic rat race….

I do understand that the visibilities in facebook or twitter (God bless their creators!!!) make up for easier interaction and shorter slack filled blurts and spurts of thoughts. But even then, I somehow believe that in a dying industry (the enthusiasm I put into my blog) , consolidation (blog posts and not fb statii) is the key.

So at least when I have these tachyon like glimpses of ideas which I again believe should be discussed at well deserved length, I should try to open this blog more often. And so …

Sullen thoughts , sudden thoughts and the flashy ones come and go by. I sit in the garb of a mere whimsical dilletante  trying to catch the ones which matter as they come like tachyons and then fly away just as fast … but then…. I want to wake again, tie laces again and run again after them; like a ghost 😀


ps: Phew! Ok , self inpsiring shit done ! Lets get to some bad-ass blogging frequency, shall we …

The Marathe Syndrome


The author gives this peculiar thing this tag for he doesnt know what else to call it.

Prof. Lyn Chat of IIM-C psychoanalytical excellence fame would allude this whole state to the shadow concept. An inner subconscious state of oneself which stays away from one’s awareness.


Anyway … the introspective blah apart, here’s what happened …

The musings

The path from office at Prabhadevi (Mumbai) to Wadala East (Mumbai) is around 8 KM . Generally  it would be best to take a cab and get back home in a jiffy (well ..around 20-25 min actually! a relativistic “jiffy” , considering the a**-paining Mumbai traffic)

But then I chose to walk …walk back from office. Then  I wondered why I am doing it…

Fitness ?

Not at all! I do go to the gym, run et al, get my share of rationally recommended exercise.

So whats the point in dragging a tired work-beaten body across the polluted , over-crowded roads of Mumbai where every second passer-by makes it a point consciously or sub-consciously to make you think he’s going to spit his red paan on you…

Eye-candy ?

Yeah right ! The path goes via Dadar where you find super-fat aunties in super-fatter dresses wrestling away with the moving vehicles.

Mumbai streets would hardly match upto the Saturday night club areas of Europe, would they ? 😛

Observe the many slums ..social worker style?

I do feel bad for the poor. I mourn their poverty amidst cruel civil disparity. In spite of a growing economy. And Mumbai is full of them. But I am no Mahatma. I confess that I don’t fancy walking along slums. Sadly,at that moment, my instinctive annoyance at the shabbiness of slums along the road and irritation of the stench overpowers any sense of mourning for the poor.

Frugally saving some bucks ?

Hmm ! I can surely afford a cab , pretty far away from bankruptcy at present 🙂

Then why …

The old, wise and slightly twisted English genius, Prof. Marathe, who taught us English when I was 17 , once said,

“Everything seems at least close to “fine” in life. Distant Memories  and unseen paranoia apart, you have no obvious/practical reason at the moment to feel worried. Its all in place But yet, you want to think , think of nothing per se, but think in a way a gloomy worry-laden man would be lost in thoughts.”

That is the Marathe Syndrome! A subtle episode in your cognition which is not exactly explainable by any level of determinism. But when one just prefers to walk because it increases one’s time to think, about nothing yet everything ….


Dialogue of the day: (from the feature film, Kingdom of Heaven)

Balian of Ibelin: What is Jerusalem worth?
Saladin: Nothing.
walks away a good deal, then turns back and rolls his slightly raised hands in fists]
Saladin: Everything!