” Depression doesn’t stem from Frustration but out of Confusion. A confusion created because of lack of clarity

Kumar Atreya, friend, philosopher,senior and guide

(dated quote: 28th April 2009)


A quote made in a general sense. But I am pleasantly surprised that it is neither anger nor sadness leading to a person being down. But more so because of information asymmetry

So all you need to do to handle depression (empirically at least) is to either disclose or get more information. 🙂


9 responses to “Clarity

  1. utterly untrue

    alliteration alleviates desperate depression

  2. @ obelix:
    You are right only if initial info = 0 and there is no anticipation of increasing that info

    This again is very wrong assumtption considering your assumed state never exists in reality

    Anyway, test the hypothesis ! It works 🙂

  3. Kumar Atreya? Does this person really exist?

  4. yo!~ I would soon put up his blog link on my blog roll 🙂

  5. Entaina guruji attack ye attack.

  6. ai nee abba … idhi psychology aa philosophy aa 😛 ?

    Nice thought btw …

  7. Btw ….

    The one who made the quote is on blogdom now … those who are business minded with a strong inclination towards intellect aqnd psychology can go here 🙂 ..

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