The B philosphy

DISCLAIMER:The author was never such a protagonist. He saw this (statement/incident) somewhere, forgot where/when he saw it, but decided to  post anyway! The true owner of this philosophy is permitted to sue the author and spice up his life a bit 🙂

The possibility of a man finding (rather,thinking  that he found) his dream girl/ soul mate occurs with pyramidal progression, in the following often-seen cases:

  • When he is on a date with someone else
  • When he is already married/ engaged
  • When our protagonist’s soul mate is with another man who is way more desirable than the protagonist

Isn’t life tragic 😛

16 responses to “The B philosphy

  1. 🙂 I dont belive the veracity of the disclaimer..

  2. Do you mean to say …
    Its my philosophy ?

  3. Isn’t it another way of saying – “The grass is always greener on the other side…”

  4. Partially !
    But the third point doesn’t count under that 🙂

  5. I guess the philosophy is a proving hypothesis. There are reasons why that happens with MEN. And you may have to accept that it happens with MEN only…

  6. What about them living thousand miles away ?… I would put it on the very top of the pyramid !

  7. Have to agree… though i have no idea about the first two points .. third point is for sure 😛

  8. @ vinay:
    sad but true

    @ mimi:
    haha yeah right ! 😛

    @ stier:
    CAMs .. you can imagine the first two points also 🙂

  9. Me pretty sure you have lived through all these 😛 Well ! At least the first and the third! What say?

  10. Is somebody taking an ideology u-turn and indirectly cosying up to the ladies? LOL!

  11. @ joka lad and ammu:
    What the … ?

  12. Which ones have you been in 😛

  13. first point — cross …

    second point — OMFG … double cross

    Third point — tick …

    Fourth point (When our protagonist’s soul mate is with another man who is not as desirable than the protagonist 😉 ) — tick tick tick tick tick ….

  14. What does B stand for?

  15. @ dan: refer to disclaimer 🙂
    @ @anks: The fourth one is ego-speaking 😛 Anyway, the fourth’s possibility by my observation is way below those of the first three! Hence to be considered negligible!
    @ zombie:
    B can stand for anything ! Open to your interpretation 🙂

  16. same post again

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