D-square – the ‘Dementic Dilemma’

D-square Also known as Dementic dilemma , a loss of the ability to decide because of the loss of ability to think, different from vascular dementia or Alzheimer’s disease becasue D-quare is not necessarily because of onset of age but more so because of prolonged idleness of the brain and repetitive non-brainy mechanical activities in life over time.

Case in point:

Me: Hey what are you doing in life ?

D-square guy: Thinking ….

Me: Huh ! About what ?

D-square guy: I am thinking about starting to think ..you know.. thinking about thinking ….

Me: thinking about starting to think about what ?

D-square guy: …about what to do in life

Me: But what do you want to do ?

D-square guy: Thats what I am thinking about starting to think …

Me; #&$&*%$*%^%48



Isn’t that the case with most of us (at varying levels)  in life 😛 ….

Thats it ! Nothing more to say

~Ghost Runner


Alzheimer’s disease

4 responses to “D-square – the ‘Dementic Dilemma’

  1. haha! Please explain the post’s occassion !

  2. Haha ‘thinking about starting to think’.. I wonder when the flight takes off.
    Nice post. 😀

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