Tried soo hard but never got far

So good ol’ abbulugadu gets an overnight realisation that it would do a world of good if he participates in the sports meet-events .

So I got up in the morning to go for practice and found my shoes missing (put them outside my room).Of all the people why does the concerned arse-mutated jabroni pick my shoes to steal.Okay.I took raghu’s and went to carry out a process that is probably somewhere between jogging and sprinting .

Looking at Agnians practice it made me wonder the vanity behind my senseless ordeal.These guys are gonna win anyway.My case is like that of Mangal Pandey who shouted for two days against the British but got executed anyway without making any real impact (Please dont believe Aamir’s movie, people ….it is a false glorification)

Quote of the day :

“It starts with one thing
I dont know why
Doesn’t even matter
How hard u try”


PS :But I decided to fight till the end obviously ‘coz I am stupid (never near bold,spirited,determined n all that positive monkey-crap) …not that it really matters to those who will actually win !!! :))

3 responses to “Tried soo hard but never got far

  1. Dude!! Dont give up.. You hafta kik agni’s a$$. Especially aditya’s..

    Go Prithvi Go.. 😀

    Actually the stupid thing makes sense :D. And who stole your shoes? Send a mail to PKReddy and he’ll send a threatening mail saying that he’d go to the police station if the shoes are not returned =))

  2. but u see ol’ pal ….. the police (or PK Reddy ) will ask why the fker had to steal my dusty ol’ shoes when there were brand new adidas and nikes
    at the next rooms (same size too)

  3. Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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