The FYP splat

So good ol' abulugadu's life's becoming more and more miserable as the Sun goes on with its cycle of rising and setting.

So no decision reached as to an FYP topic,FYP guide and FYP partner.Honestly me too paranoid 'bout doing a project alone .Please ppl …… dont dissolve me or laugh me off in derision …..but me too senti 'bout not working alone.

So I ask the SiM guy to be my partner and he said .. "Orey !! Sorry ra!! Already decided !!" Your guess would be as good as mine ! [This is the 3rd time me mentioning the SiM concept …so my impertinence at tentatively jeopardizing the concerned folks might really piss them off ……. no hard feelings pals …..only trying to be funny at times of despair šŸ™‚ ]And then I heard that the dude's working differently . So the gullible little peasant (me of course ..who else do I have the guts to scold :-O)

Then when I asked the gr8 one again , he kindly declined showing uncomprehensible benevolence but my dark side's interpretation :

"Orey! I dont wanto jeopardise my future by working with someone as stupid,unreliable,uncompatible as you.This is FYP man!!"

Oh well … abbulugadu believed every word of that and decided to blog šŸ™‚ (no coherence what so ever …hehe)

so the rap of the day:

U ain't got a clue
This mite be true
Or a super Boooo!!
Dont stand in a queue
In hallucination's zoo..
Or before Majin Buu
So whether u trust me too
Is up to you !!!!!!!

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