Of grades,felicity, and (blah … blah ) stuff

If there was one course which I thought would get me a good grade .. that was ASP ..for those of late its Adaptive Signal Processing. But I just see the notice board to encounter a B- .Not a really bad grade (though any prodigal “elite” would either commit suicide or get their neurons smacked up with a stroke of paralysis if he/she gets one) I know … gullible ol’ me probably made a big big unwanted unknown blunder somewhere in the end-sem !!

Oh yes .. just came to know from nani (i.e.,M.Aditya) that midsems would be starting from 3rd week of Jan. …hehe ..doesn’t really make a difference,does it ?? :))

FELICITY …. good ol’ Raja is actually gambolling between his home and IIIT for the sake of Felicity.Man!! The latest Felicity video’s pretty cool.Got to admit Rahul n Raja (n of course the rest of ug3) are gonna have their hands full in the coming days !!

Got to talk to the speaker-company guy ‘morrow about the acoustics,stage ‘n’ stuff.Also must catch hold of Mrs.Padmaja somehow as she is the Messiah as far as sponsorships are concerned 😮

On the personal front … hoping to implement a very bizzare scheme to get my last chance at some-know-what !!! 😉

What else .. oh yes ..the verse of the day :))

Oh,no! What do I do
For I dont have a clue
ASP : got a B-
Thats giving me a sinus
So here too .. nothing new !

4 responses to “Of grades,felicity, and (blah … blah ) stuff

  1. whats some-know-what?

    and why are you obsessed with monkey crap?

  2. to IV :
    Hi iv , its been a long time on the bloging front ..the money-crap is sup. to be a trade mark 🙂

  3. abba chaaa :)) I worked my arse off for the end sem ..so give me the credit for expecting something better

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