The Caste Factor

First things first … CASTE = a social barrier that I would love to call CRAP

I agree that lots of folks out there would completely go with me on this statement.But the irony lies in the fact that their so called modern outlook is only ostensible.Well! At least as far as a major chunk of the population is concerned.
Several Indians are obsessed with this caste thing, though their levels of obsession vary.Perhaps its a narcissistic feeling wrt the so called superiority of their caste.Or maybe fear of being labelled a "caste-traitor"

Some Mr.Arbid might be bold (and stupid) enough to promulgate his caste feelings in open.He openly throwns abusive verbiage at fundas like "inter-caste courtship" and supports things like "wanted! gf ! Must be from same caste!"

"The world then crucifies him and calls him "Voooru naaayalu" .Go ahead! Screw him and mutilate him.I am with you!But I make a humble plea to do it only if you are devoid of any caste feelings (n that includes internally as well)

The reservations-related exampli gratia :

As far as the reservations issue in our country is concerned,recently a school pal went like

"Why caste-reservations at all ?? If they are lazy ,they dont study they deserve seats in premier institutes,dont they ? While FCs like me who work their testicular potitude off have to bear the brunt of suchnegative phenomena"

The usage of the word "they" refers to SCs/STs/OBCs.Yes the first question raised by this pal of mine is most appropriate.But the way he put down the reason basically repudiates the validity of his argument. Does it mean that "they" are scoundrels (read "pokiri") who rely on reservations only.What crap!:( I know of innumerable candidates who are an infinite times better than this friend of mine.
Okay, guess lots of stuff is already available in the blogging world on reservations.So I will shift to a different gear. But yes! Urs truly not supporting or opposing reservations.Only laying it down that the above given justification is hmm ..politically incorrect 🙂

The Parent trap :

A IIITian gentleman's parents came sometime ago to apna campus.They saw this classmate of their ward and liked that classmate (its a girl … I dont think Indian parents became modern enough to check out the prospects of gay marriages 😀 )

They were happy and the mother was talking something like : "Emandi ! (non telugu pals,read "Aji suniye!) NIce girl na? I know their parents .They are from our caste only.Lets marry them off in future." and then the annoyingly cliche' "chilaka gorinkala laaga untaru ! " 😉

Nothing against anybody's parents.But lady!If u ask for my irrelevant-here advice I wud say … "Shut ur mouth and start searching for a well 'coz no matter what ur caste is , U are pathetic " :X
The above case might seem to be out-of-place ,but thats how things in India are.I regret to say this is the case more in the south.Hell lot in A.P.

Why? a good pal (not the fellow mentioned supra,in this case a IIITian pal) strongly feels that even our beloved Zulu is prone to such caste feelings.He says that the former behaves that way because his is the best caste in whole of A.P.Thats why the small-look (chinna choopu) towards good ol' Andhra boys.

I am scared that everyone has some sort of affinity towards their respective castes.As a right that promulgates their freedom to practice thier own customs?Yes.But as a "Mine is better" or "Mine deserves reservation" or " relations only within my caste" kind of crap ? Go jump from the top of Babu Khan towers. 😉
Things are not going to change unless we change our outlook towards society.


ps : Running in the morning is really good for health. 😉

ps1 : Should convince Lord Lukog to take a room in my wing.

ps2 : Do pro assassins really exist ?

ps3 : One of the SRK-in-darr characters bolted my door a few days ago from outside. (Methinks it was one of them.Who else would want to do soemthing like that ? )

ps4 : PS-style rocks.Those who use it love it.Those who dont also find it quite amusing.If some specimen think otherwise and want to glorify their opinion , they can join the caste-maniac on top of Babu khan towers.

32 responses to “The Caste Factor

  1. I m against caste system but there is a point that we will always be sceptical abt castes. You wont care castes in routine but on special occasion say a marriage caste is the biggest issue. A Hindu cant just go and marry a muslim. The traditions, festivals, ways, eating habits do vary. How much we say that it doesn’t matter but life becomes difficult of course unless you compromise. (ohh a thought came to my mind. Is love a compromise, let me think)

  2. @ sukesh :

    See! Thats exactly what I mean 🙂

    In such a case as highlighted by you (that is in fact extreme) guess the man n woman gotto ponder over what is greater : their future social problems, or their love for each
    other. But yar!This one’s a really rare case.

    I am not against anything one wants to give up their social customs (neither do I) but I am against using caste as a weapon to curb positive things in life. 🙂

    PS : Remember the “Bombay” film … in fact inter-religion is a far greater issue than inter-caste 😦

  3. There will be some differences in living styles, habits, customs etc etc .. between castes itself … that is not so easy to compromise … BUT I am not saying that we HAVE to follow caste system … I also dont like it … CASTE system SUX
    Inter-religion is possible only in movies… as abulu aka baba said in movie ‘bombay’ :d … if it happens then we can say MODERN INDIA … 🙂

  4. caste system sucks.. but still i wonder why some of my friend’s parents ask me about my caste , religion and crap like that.. in that place we cannot explain them that “Madame! you are giving too much importance to some shit.. “.. its bettter to answer them and leave the place..

    I was shocked when I heard that some families keep a set of plates,glasses for other caste people.. to serve them whenever they visit..

    i came across a lot of communities in orkut based on castes.. i don’t know what they’ll discuss in that community..

  5. The sad thing is that the caste-related enquiries dont just stop with the middle aged aunties n uncles..even some of the ‘educated’ twenty-odds start askin abt kulam-gothram , why dont they realise its so goddamn derogatory

  6. Baba niidhi ye caste 😛

  7. @ halley :

    U will be terminated

     @ gopi :

    I agree.Inter-caste is sometimes feasible in today's Indian society , at least in the cities.But it is still prevalent in rural areas.As for Inter-religion ,  there are cases when the couple were murdered by their village folks for marrying out of their respective religions. In fact not only in India , inter-religion thingies are looked down upon the world over.

    Do you know that if a Roman Catholic courts a Protestant , it is considered blasphemy in the church  😦
    @ anon :

    yeah ..exactly ..then again after twenty years they will take the place of those uncles n aunties … ***SIGH***

    @ pramodh :

    those orkut sites are probably pre-requisites for matrimonials ….asli Indian ishstyle 😀

  8. @ halley again :

    My caste/religion is HUMANITY 🙂 I am sure no one’s got a problem with that.

  9. I hate it when baba becomes all senti and goes “My caste/religion is HUMANITY ” 😛
    And now lets come out of the utopian world and see how things look from a normal perspective. Caste is something which has been imbibed in our parents blood since long. They are not so open-minded. I’d like you to put yourself in their shoes and think. (If they’re of the same size) 😛
    Anyways, there are guys who just cant think of a world with no caste. And as long as there is politics, caste-feeling will continue to exist and will be exploited. And since there is no point in arguing about something which is irrepairable, I’d like to rest my case here 😀 (Too many ‘ANDs’)
    Thank you, Your Honor! 😐

    BTW howz your ankle doing? I heard my tackle was quite painful! 😛 😛
    *waiting for halley’s termination* 😀

  10. BTW this is fun. This discussion. Hope to have discussions like these soon. In person. Once I shift 😀

  11. @ Spawn :

    Thats what I want to highlight.No matter how much certain fellows (like urs truly) shun the caste concept ,it will stay 😦

    Btw u dont have to worry ,spawn ol’ pal.The Humanity dialogue is supposed to be a counter to Halley’s OA 😉

    My ankle pains, man!I mean it really pains ..I am literally limping 😦 Sigh!My fault anyway,got myself to blame

  12. @ Spawn again :

    Waiting for ur arrival to OBH 🙂 ,or rather “the homecoming of the super discussions”

  13. U cant counter my OA
    my OA is like a missile .. your counter is like a tuppu pattina inumu tho chesina sheild 😛

  14. @ halley :

    *** good ol’ abbulugadu full enthu n electrified ***

    Go %$&$%*&^%*^% urself.If its a flame cum blog war, full-range ok annayya 😉

    Urs is a scud, mine is a patriot missile.Remember the Gulf war where US laid the smackdoen on Iraq.

    @all :

    …left fights na? So gus i will make do with comedy flames from now on 🙂

  15. what do u think of urself jus becoz u go to gym u think u can bash up everybdy
    brain is mightier than brawn my friend .. i have the first u haev the second 😛

  16. lets see who wins in this all-IIIT brain vs brawn cup
    u have the likes of amit goel and other gym goers with u
    i have the likes of IV with me (hope he joins me) :-s

  17. @ halley
    cant u put aside some patience to read properly ?

    I said no fights ? so only logomacies from now on 😀

    Btw hows ur belly heard its growing bigger these days .

  18. :((

    Will be back in full throttle on Orkut >:)

  19. given the way baba plays, he seems to be having his foot in his mouth …

    anyway, let the flaming begin …

    ps – who is on baba’s side ?? i dun think amit goyal blogs …

  20. @ Obelix :
    U got it wrong my man … I say (brains+brawns) is better than just brains or just brawns 🙂

    U r not on halley’s side .Lets make it a free for all shall we ?? 😀

    LET THE RUMBLE BEGIN (in orkut that is)

  21. Last heard, Halley’s belly has been growing exponentially! Halley Belly! wow it rhymes! 😀

  22. @ spawn :

    orey chettana ko ! Maa halley anna ni antey ralllu pagilipotayi

    @ abbulu :

    Okay U can beat me up .But what if hundreds of halley fans like me come to support halley anna.

  23. Dude u almost got a scrapbook here …. neways whr is rapper dood ??

  24. emaindi ra neeku ?? late reactions aa … caste issue meeda 🙂

    and also, the same question halley put forward –

    nee caste emitandi ?? 😛

  25. emaindi ra neeku ?? late reactions aa … caste issue meeda 🙂

    and also, the same question halley put forward –

    mee caste emitandi ?? 😛

  26. sry for the double above …

    if ur happy for the no of comments increasing, i’m more than glad to spam 😀

    i’m bored 😦

  27. @ halley :
    thnx for the link.

    But wtf is wrong with these ..these ..***I dont know wat to call them ..evry thing is an understatement ****

    I just wish they get castrated by their own wives and mothers 😦

  28. Mind your language Mr Abbulu.. There should be atleast an iota of difference between you and Madmonkey.. 😡

  29. @ spawn :

    Anna ..u read the article and then talk! I used technical words which are found in any std. Eng. dictionary

    And haaan ..u actually think that parading a lady naked is not worth scorning 😡

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