Of Event Horizon,Erra Balu’s fantasy and the “bhairi”

“Yo !You gotto see the flow….” I dont exactly know why I said that πŸ˜‰ but guess I am getting poisoned by halley‘s sollu-firing syndrome πŸ˜›

note the relevance

Event Horizon

The first thing that came to this good ol’ head of mine when I woke up in the morning was “Event Horizon”.Couldn’t discover any sort of reason unto why these two words are sticking so much to my nice lil’ cerebellum (or is it supposed to be cerebrum ..who cares anyway πŸ˜› )

However, I sit now in lab 330 (with Mowgli testing my bheja’s tolerance levels ..what with his snoring,sniffing and err…snoring!!! ) I surf the net to find out about Event Horizon.Of course there’s a movie with the exact name.The name in fact sounds quite geekishly cool (if such a phrase does exist) belonging to the sci-fi cum mystery genre, but take my word for it ….the movie conains pure chunks of unadulterated monkey thrash !!!

Anyway, here’s a more scientific definition.

Erra Balu’s fantasy

If you dont know who Erra Balu is …you seriously need to get your gut kicked by Iron Leg Shastry.So Erra Balu’s placed in Amazon (GG!! ) and is now leading a post All’s well that ends well kinda lifestyle.I wake him up in the morning and we actually attended P.T

Then it FINALLY dawned on me why Erra Balu (by the way ,Erra Balu EXACTLY translates as Red Bear) has been taking a particular liking for P.T. The sub heading above says “fantasy”, so hope u understand what I mean. πŸ˜‰

pssst !! In fact there’s a dog that shares the same fantasy πŸ˜‰ For more info, mailto abbulu@gmail.com πŸ˜‰

The electrifying segment of today’s post : BHAIRI

BHAIRI = slap .. a real-time, big-time, any-time impulsive slap that is most effective when you put the words khaan (making it khaan bhairi) or Ghardan ( making it ghardan bhairi)before it.

Okay I have a confession to make.Insurmountable mountains of absolute Mayhem shall be unleashed as I reveal the so-ar protected details of this incident …

The protagonists are 1)Tough akka (TA) of IIIT 2)Khumsi Khumsa dude (kkd) of IIIT

Hmm ..interesting nicks ..what say ! Alright!So KKD said something very highly politically incorrect(am I f***ing euphemistic or what! ) about T.A.And then the critical limit of T.A’s not-so-high(thats why she’s T.A) tolerance level was breached.

So T.A gave KKD a very powerful “bhairi” (second hand info ..so not sure about whether interlaced with khaan or ghardhan ..hehe ) As a reaction,KKD said something not-that-pleasant.And this time what did he get ? An even more powerful bhairi much more sonorous and re-sounding than the first. πŸ™‚

Moral(s) of the story :

1. TA + bhairi = deep impact for the target πŸ˜›

2. KKD should know whom to take on.

3. Friends,IIITians and Gachibowlimen!! BEWARE of TA.


Verse of the day : (someone pls sue me for this … vabba!vabba! then mazaa will come)

This is surely not fibbing crap

But the news is pretty darn seismic

KKD and his objectionable trap

Trigger a f***in cataclysmic

High-profile, very-loud slap


Thats what will happen

When you think like a slattern

When your ego says “Sharpen”

And you bloat ‘wrong’ stuff out

With your uncontrollable pout!!



ps : Nice to be back in blogdom

ps1 : Eating like a absolute glutton these days.

ps2 : The gym didn’t change one f***in bit.Boy! Feels good to be back home.

ps3 : The sports meet post , the IPS officer post , the dhooms and machales post,are among the several thought-of but not-yet-materialised things in mind.

ps4 : Check this out , time pass par excellence (of course the monkey trait being an essential pre-requisite)

ps5 : Reading some book on futurology.And also,there’s one book called “Interpreting India’s past” on the to-be-read list.

ps6 : ps-generation skills are improving ..phew! finally …

ps7 : Blaaast ! Forgot my other ps ideas 😦

4 responses to “Of Event Horizon,Erra Balu’s fantasy and the “bhairi”

  1. who had seen it? none, i suppose.

  2. Some pg guys 😐 ..

  3. LOL @ KKD :)) Btw is KKD of your batch ( ECE ? ) , Mr.Abbulu πŸ˜‰

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