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Finally the  abbulu-meister is back homeAfter three weeks of slogging , blogging,rusting et al in IIIT  , I came home yesterday.Its a different feeling.Folks at home treating  me a like a grown up .

Granma , Granpa and chinna :

Hmm… reminds me of that border dialogue , “Bacchha khilone se khelte khelte bada ban gaya”Went to  thata and Ammamma  next.Hehe ..they still treat me like the chinna character 😛 (for those of late ,   thats my nick meaning “small” in telugu.)Well! Guess I am happy that way with them.Mom and dad ..fine! But grandparents treating me like some bade aadmi  ?? Scarrrrry to contemplate !

Dad and abbulu combo  :

Its been a while since dad and  me went on one of those father-son outings.So he’s decided to check out some new mall in  the city (dont know anything , have been in a self imposed exile for some days).Dad calls it the “all-boys” shopping spree!! Does such a concept exist ?  Hmm.. or most probably we will stuff ourselves with all sorts of junk food ..yeah ..probably by shopping , dad meant eating spree ..yumm..that would be cool !!! Cant wait for the evening 😀

Maaaa :

Okie … nothing much but I must  have gained  more than a couple of kilogrammes within the last 10 hours.Guess that says it all 😉

 The out of place parts :
Hyderabad is supposedly the new retail capital of India. Check this out

India test fired a new missile.They claim that its a defence technology break-through  ! But sounds to me like any other missile test.Whatever …


ps : Got only one midsem next week 😀

ps1 : Must start preparing for XAT

ps2 : Dont understand why in the name of  #%@^% did i become so lazy after the Sports meet !!

4 responses to “Home and stuff

  1. Congrats for getting iift call 🙂

  2. IIFT call…party party party !!

  3. U seem to be enjoying the life after the placement…but it calls for a party too. 🙂

  4. @ himank :
    sure sure 😀

    @ others :

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