Atomic observation :)

FOREWORD: Too much heavy duty content in the last story. SO switching to something lighter with a traditional good ol’ abbulugadu style post 😉

What have I become ?

There was no real reason i asked myself this question.I just asked it for the sake of asking.

It was very uncanny of me to do this ….

Okay! What was I thinking ? I really don’t remember.

Then suddenly i noticed it.It looked like an atom.Complete with orbits and electrons.Electrons orbiting around a nucleus too small for the naked eye.

atomic ??

atomic ??

I was amused almost instantly at this cheeky observation. The randomness associated with finishing your exams and having a day off is amazing. Your mind starts noticing things those were completely oblivious to your imagination until a day ago.

Anyway, I kept looking at it, still wondering over its fabulous similarity to the structure of an atom.And then I opened the tap.And the water gushed out …

water gushing out

water ...

Water! I thought ..I closed my eyes and let it trickle down. And the thoughts started like a combustible reaction …

IIIT Blogger’s meet …. Blog! Mails ! Skeletons !The lightning era ! Soul crunching ! X ! Anyway …

I imagined myself in Rocky Balboa’s state under the shower at the beginning of Rocky V .Not that I am anywhere near the Italian Stallion’s awesomeness but somehow , whenever I stand under a shower, resigned, out of sheer exhaustion, I imagine me in his shoes. Having taken Ivan Drago’s machinated mayhem of punches … his head reels from the shock.

My head too keeps reeling … from the jingoism of writing the last story, the fatigue of the just-concluded exams and the want to see mom …

8 hours to home.


Random PJ (overheard in 1997)

8th standard Physics Lecturer: Kavith! Define light !!

Kavith Abrol: Sir! 😀 …. Roshni !!!

Lecturer: Kavith! I dont know who she is but you can go after her when you grow up ….


Quote(s) of the day

1) “So your blog seems  to be challenging TRPs of many TV shows 😛 “

– Deepak.D  w.r.t the recent story

2)“The problem with dating dream girls is that they have a tendency to become real.”

-the protagonist, Yuri Orlov from “Lord of War”

5 responses to “Atomic observation :)

  1. imba quote …

    nice light and easy to read … a post finally that was …

  2. Strange that there’s so much tranquility in this post 😉

  3. “traditional good ol’ abbulugadu style” ??

    thought the last 3-4 posts were in that style 😀

  4. @ obelix n joka lad:

    @ halley:
    Alas! The pandemonium had been so long lasting that thy think it is my nature to be angry .. 😦 a pity !

  5. “the want to see mom … ”


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