Momentary but Ultimate lapse of Reason

DISCLAIMER: A mere hypothetical theological theoritical idea

Long long ago, Satan/The Devil pings God and asks:

Satan: Hain bhagwaan ! Are you done with your Ultimate creation (man)

God: Get lost you a**hole! I am busy!

Satan: I was wondering if I could make you a very nice suggestion, about the creation of this thing called man!

God: Okay! But why do you care ?

Satan: He will need laws

God: What ? You, my self-appointed employee with a permanent job to be man’s enemy ! You want to make man’s laws ??

Satan: No no …I only ask that he be allowed to make his own.

God: Well! Okay …

[… And it was so granted.That was how Satan duped God into granting man free-will and eventually, by Organizational theory, chaos has evolved 🙂 ]

-Inspired by a quote from Ambrose Bierce

4 responses to “Momentary but Ultimate lapse of Reason

  1. ahh!! I see!!
    You had a free will to write this blog. (or was it intuition?)

  2. Organizational theory ?
    Dont you have the OSD exam today? I see you’ve already reached implementation stage 😉

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