The end of innocence :Part -1

My Granma (who is i must say though elderly very modern in her outlook) surprisingly once told me that dreams that come in the morning,esp. those in the time frame between 3AM and 5AM …known as "Brahma Muhurtam" (the duration of the cosmic creator) have a higher prbability of coming true.I didn't really care about the weight of that statement until I really thought 'bout it today.(I usually dont think sth. soooo seriously though)

Over the past few years ….. whenever I dreamt something bad (as far as I can remember at the above mentioned time ) it happened .To the contrary the good things didn't !Or was my interpretation of the bad dreams good ??

Even then why did I brush all that off as mere coincidences then and why am I thinking of all these now …..NOW after all these years !!! Is it like if someone dreams of APOCALYPSE in the early hours of the morning this will come true!! Is that how most of the prophecies (the world's end in the Garuda Purana's ref. 'bout the end of KaliYug , the final day of mankind when the moon turns red … the earth breaks and swallows men ,etc.,)

Lets forget the dreams s*** for sometime . One of my ol' pals once complained to me that his mom insists on him speakin' to gals of his community (they want to get him married off)or caste or wtf ….why do I even have to remember such things belonging to the realm of monkey-crap ?!?! My heart says "Why such mindless insistence ? If the lady feels that her son is not mature enough to speak to girls (and in the long run maybe like one of them … methinks thats her true fear ) why use uncoveted fk*** social tools like caste,social status ,etc., to cover up??"

If he's mature enough to like someone (he's 23yrs old) ….or rather lets use "love" for confirmation ….lady !!Just marry him off to the girl he likes :-X

And then lets leave the matrimony thing behind …what 'bout most of the Universities and colleges …..esp. in volatile areas like Anatapur,etc, the students kick each others' a***es for the sake of their so called caste,creed and what not ?? Are those idiots educated people ?? I mean …I dont really mind if they fight for their college honour or maybe for a girl or something …but social dogmas ??? Gimme a break.

And then in IIIT ….I see a couple sitting in an isolated corner of the campus ….and when I(read fellow student) happen to pass by (in a car)…..hide their faces ….why are they scared ?? If both of them are sure of their feelings for each other …. what stuff can any forlorn jabroni kick out of their spark ??If you ask for me for my opinion (I am nobody to make decrees ..but this is my blog …my zone) they need not get scared even if Zulu passes by !!! Ok … I do agree if they want to show him respect or something ….but why hide from a fellow (in this case
Why superficialise themselves as culprits when there is innocence ??

Is it the end of innocence ?? I am no true blue pessimist …only asking some questions!!

7 responses to “The end of innocence :Part -1

  1. arre … bobs ..never thought of you as such a heavy duty thinker

  2. Bacchha sochte sochte bada ban gaya ….hehe

  3. hi ra…

    okka mukka ardham aithe ottu. its like everything belongs ti the realm of monkey crap!!!

  4. orey ..harish … u and serious stuff ??

  5. this is my attempt to improve my vocabulory mama ..

  6. oye harish(one on top) … whoever u r dude ….dont defame me by makin’ spelling mistakes in comments (under my name that is :))

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