GHARSHANA : the final battle : Episode 1

So over the past many morbid events over this year …….. good ol’ abbulugadu learnt to resist his anger , aggression and his tendency to go Super Saiyan irrelevantly.But not for long … the dark side continues to persist in the forlorn inner depths of his mind,body and soul.

Finally he decides to fight the dark side ….something on the lines of Smeagol and Gollum in LOTR.

characters :

  1. abbulu aka baba aka bobs
  2. the dark side : Crypt master aka Super Saiyan aka Scorpion king …..etc.,

abbulu : enough ra rey !! I am completely fed up with your blatant machismos of the lost age!! Its time you get lost forever .

Crypt Master : shut up fucking pig !! What were you without me … u were a shit-headed fat ass with a bloody tendency to behave in a savoir faire sort of way in public !!Then it was me who got soo pissed off and made you run all summer and then you lost weight ……. fking jabroni!! have you never heard of the addage “BEING GRATEFUL” !!

abbulu : What ?!?! I wud have lost weight anyway …..after all its a matter of good health :-O

Crypt Master : U better shut all the idiosyncracies and umbrages of urs !! 😦 It was some of those guys U call friends(Mr.U,Mr.Y,Mr.G…etc.,),who called you names …. hurt your arse off mentally …did u forget all that ??

abbulu :dooD !! They were just jokin’ around …..

Crypt Master : Stop justifying ur pals lest I take ur fking tongue and kick it down soo hard that it wud protrude out of ur blasted rectum !!

abbulu : Yuck!! Stop that trash talk ra rey!! Its like u r removing all the censorship from The Rock’s dialogues.Btw dont leave in a dilettante’s fantasy world presuming u r the Rock !!

Crypt Master : I am like him …. the only way ppl notice u now and then is becoz’ of me ….. the rock impersonation,kick arse-aggressiveness (like at the mess , on futbol grnd.etc.,) and the yearning to fight. :-O

abbulu : No one wants a “Goonda” tag like u do buddy ….and btw look what u did to parts of my blog ….wats all this ’bout “End Of Innocence”.etc., ………complete state of super-mutated paranoia !!!

Crypt Master : No one’s scared chooth!! Highlighting problems …aimin at a common gud but by the path of the dark side 🙂

abbulu :I am tired of talkin’ to you man …gotto go to class Comm. Networks!! :-O

Crypt Master : That PRK Rao’s …. hahaha jhahaha…!!!! That masochist screws u up by giving ya a C grade in Probability …and you still respect him enuf to attend his hi-fi classes 😦

abbulu : Stop it !! I will take care of u later ……

Crypt Master : I will be waiting ……..!!!!! :))))


Quote OF THE DAY :

“Where iss it, where iss it: my Precious, my Precious? It’s ours, it is, and we wants it. The thieves, the thieves, the filthy little thieves. Where are they with my Precious? Curse them! We hates them.”

The Two Towers: “The Taming of Smeagol,” p. 220

2 responses to “GHARSHANA : the final battle : Episode 1

  1. Baba …. u ok ??

  2. Ok.. I really think u shud listen to the “Life is beautiful” lecture of mine 😛

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