O abbulugaadi katha …

Well … the last one week was absolutely BIZZARE.

The Believing factor :

The bizzare thing :You see there are things I always believed in.Then all of a sudden I come across other things which looked like greater ..err.. things !!So good ol’ abbulugadu gears up to sacrifice all that he’s believed in because he whole-heartedly,selflessly felt that he could finally do something for those who (at least initially) believed him so much so as to negotiate him into believing !?!?But guess the sacrifice was too good to believe 😦

The bright side :Well at least this fellow still believes


The BTP factor:

The bizzare thing :Amit n myself had to take a U-turn w.r.t to BTP to escape the fire-breathing Dragon among BTP-panel judges.

The bright side :Guess we are more mentally prepared for next time.Amit’s already entered a “When the going gets tough the tough get going ” mind-set. Prof.JS is also ready to help from the good-advice-giving perspective.


The Mr.V factor :

The bizzare thing :Me of the opinion that Mr.V’s suffering from sorta apoplectic narcissism.He comes to my room out of the blues and tells me all my flaws and how he’s better than me and the others !?!? Okay sir! I hmbly deign to your self-proclaimed superiority.

The bright side :Many people support my views.BK,NTR and whole lot of other chaps tell me that what the dude says are lies.Perhaps s.th like Additive White Gaussian Noise in a signal


The accident factor :

The bizzare thing :Some big-belly dude with a not-working-horn(y) motorcycle driving on the right side of the road (Good God! He didn’t look like an American to me) rams into my bike yesterday.Then he starts abusing me threatening to do putatively bizzare things to me if I didn’t pay up.Again Good God! There wasn’t a f***in scratch on his bike while my side light was broken and my Rs.500/- goggles were broken (yeah the same ones that Erra Balu wore while dancing at the Musical nite :))

The bright side : I maintained my cool ! God knows what would have happened had I lost my temper 😉

“the ppl ” (my mom,the roadside shopkeepers,the “Naariel paani wallah” , holi-playing aunties,etc.,) came and accused him of ramming,threatening and scaring a nice ,innocent,gullible little boy (no .. honest! these are the exact terms they used)


The bike thought :

The bizzare thing :I was going home on my bike and as a foolow-through to the above things … I felt like the dude in the Bajaj-Avenger ad (though mine’s a Unicorn ) ..u know .. goes s.th like

“I forgive my this , I forgive my that , blah blah blah …. I feel like ..I feel like God ” .Except the last line though , me not into any sort of blasphemy or self-apotheosis .

The bright side : Same as above.


So I rap 😉

Shit happens in everyone’s life

That might even kick-start a strife

First the good ol’ faith factor

F***ks me up

But guess HE the benefactor

Wants me to do s.th else

Maybe ring calling bells ??

Telling mom that me the gud guy

An argument which I hope she’ll buy

Guess me still running in life n on the road

Hope I will never get bored !?!?

6 responses to “O abbulugaadi katha …

  1. Who is this Mr.V ??

  2. abbulu the running man

    I will let u know in due time 🙂

  3. hi all
    Though Mr.Baba is being extra lexiconic (perhaps to avoid direct conflict) he means evrything he says.Mr.V as soon as he completes his work goes to others’ rooms (even bathrooms) to disrupt their confidence levels 😦

    Everyone who knows about him most probably agrre with me except his PPs like ITEMs(I*X PAPA I*T BAVA)

    Bunty Aur Bubli(IIIT Couple)

  4. @ abbulu :
    Oh I see 😀 I can guess who Mr.V is . GUess I was the one who called him Mr.V for the first time (in one of my earlier posts)

  5. abbulu the running man

    @ bunty ‘n’ bubli

    Okay dude … I know who u r …. u can reveal the decoded message to me confidentially 😉

  6. abbulu the running man

    @ mad monkey :

    First of all … glad to see u r not abusing 😉

    No! I used Mr.V even before u started your FLAME-style blogging. In case of doubts check out my “Valentine Awards”

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