The (de)electrifying nerve …

I actually got the guts and the b**** to blog even though I am only 20 min away from the Embedded Infotech placement session 😛

So here I sit in ppp(portal player paagal ) ‘s room as he’s explaining C to Abhiram and me.Abhiram looks like making an all out ditch-effort at every D-company that comes his way.As for me,I am blogging instead of listening to ppp,so guess that says it all.

Okay 10 minutes to go and Abhiram’s telling ppp “Naakemi ardham kaatle” . (translation : Me not understanding)

Good! I have company in this room 🙂 I got a new title recently .Title = Mr.FS (Frustoo Saale)

5 min to go.Oh no! Abhiram finally seems to be understanding now and is singing romantic songs ( ‘Kya mujhe pyaar hain…’ to be precise).He’s in a good mood now.Now abbulu is alone again.

Abhiram’s fed up of formals.Will write the technical test in non-formals katte.

30 seconds to go … me gotto run 🙂


Quote of the day:

Mottam post delete cheyyara munda”

– Abhiram shouting these words right now 😉

3 responses to “The (de)electrifying nerve …

  1. ..and as expected he Abhiram gets short listed 🙂

  2. LOL!Abhiram singing “kya mujhe pyaar hain” hahahahahha 😀 :))

  3. Did u go running to the ppt too 😉 ..LOL bobsy LOL !!!! 😀

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