Reality’s social malice

In an old report on Indian traditions,a certain duo,Terence Callaham and Roxanna Pavich wrote the following lines about the indian caste system,

It has kept a sense of order, and peace among the people. There are five different levels of the system: Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra, and Harijans. Within each of these categories are the actual “castes” or jatis within which people are born, marry, and die. They all have their own place among each other and accept that it is the way to keep society from disintegrating to chaos.

the anti-report

Way to keep society from disntegrating into chaos ?? So thats how the caste system is defined ? Well ! Sad to say …. the present Indian scenario presents a contrary picture 😦 It is because of this system that people especially students are suffering,fighting and cursing. The whole nation’s getting divided because of the forlorn and damned reservations’ issue ! But who is to blame ? The politicos ? Why do you explicity blame the politicos ? Every person thinks first about himself (except in the queerest of cases where he is so oddly selfless that he places ethics and morality above his a** !! Sad , but true! ) All that the politicos are doing is making use,for their political prospects, of a system (or rather a curse) thats been a part of Indian society for aeons. So I ask again ! WHO IS TO BLAME ? Why my dear jabronis , its us,everyone of us !!!

Why blame all ?

Its not as if the Devil appeared before pro-reservation politicians all of a sudden and made them divide the country! Six states already had the bloody reservation system for a quarter of a century.Caste based politics has been there all along. Only thing is that it has now become a national issue in the education field !! What were people doing all these days when it came to the s0-calledl social conscience ! Why did we , as a nation of socially conscious(blaaaaaaaah!!!!!!) citzens let a potentially dangerous but medium strengthed virus , accumulate,politically aggrandize its own a**, and come back into the limelight after becoming a super-mutated killer-machine of epic proportions !!!?!?!?!?!

The virus is there in all of us

Man is a social animal, they say.Supposedly,he cannot survive without being part of a social order , a community, a (God forbid!!) CASTE ! Most folks harbour a caste feeling or at least a fear of it.Why then do u expect the educational sector to be free of such a rampaging malice ? Obviously, the politicos are making good ,intellectual,logical use of our very own stupidity ! So why blame them , the only genuinely intelligent entities in the country ,when we are the educated idiots?

The educated idiots

Sorry to sound so offensive ,but almost everyone of us is one ! There are people like Mr.V (whose brain of late , has gone for an indefinite vacation,and somewhere ,down the road,got mutilated!!!) who classify casteA,caste B, caste C as the rulers whereas everyone else are the subjects. (obviously he belongs to one among A,B,C :p ) Can’t blame such narcissists , can we? After all, Mr.V was an anti-casteist before he was cruelly brain-washed by fate 😦 !!

Then there are people who are scared of their caste-based community .They would justify things with , “I love my parents ,relatives, will listen to them! ” But in reality,it is basically , ” I am shit-scared of what society says if i dont show a caste polarisation! ” Can’t blame the cowards , can we ? After all , who doesn’t want to rot on the safe side ?

Go to “orkut search” type “caste” .What do u find? On the left, you would see a list of communities against the caste system. Ironically , on the right , U will have sponsored ads of caste-based matrimonial sites ! In fact I know of instances where people marry off their kids to households who are of a different region,language and with whom they dont share an ounce of similarity/compatibilty , except the “caste” word!

Sigh! A paradoxial yet expected pity! 😦

So the moral

Simple! If you want to get rid of something, get rid of it completely,from your homes , from your minds,from your hearts … not in the education sector alone 😐 I know I sound too utopian … but If u want to uproot a tree , u tackle the grass roots ! If we think that its impossible , this reservations’ issue might keep hitting back ..if not now ,in the future!! And unfortunately,will  play an ichor that haunts our very social existence !!!

Urs dumbly,


7 responses to “Reality’s social malice

  1. the IIM effect is it? 😛

  2. yep, the IIM effect !! 😀

  3. never thought that it wid affect so soon 😦

  4. @ Sid :
    Huh ? :O Pardon my ignorance 😦 but what made u say that ?

  5. IIM-C is affecting you big time! 😀
    You’re becoming a geek of n-th order.. 😀

  6. @ spawn :
    Salaam Namaste 😀
    But why ‘geek’ ??

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