2007 -> 2008 : Lights! Camera!! Action!!!

2007!For me,it began in a train , from Sri Kalahasthi to Hyderabad !

I came home only to see that 2007 began with some high sounding thunder πŸ™‚ , boleto the CAT calls !

The subsequent story of 2007, I must confess,was marked by a superficial show of super-electrified enthusiasm.But within,lets just say that it wasn’t exactly peaceful ! ( An analogue :Thats why they suggest not to invest in stocks just because the company’s advertisement is good !! **sigh** )

Every day of 2007,I would dare to say,was spent wishing for some old fashioned payback ,to some low-lives.But I guess the good,civilized lad within prevailed in the end,much to PV’s chagrin

But last night, December 31st,was a first of its kind.It wasn’t exactly electrified.Wasn’t exactly the adrenaline-on-top-gear experience.However,welcoming the New Year at a lil’ Baskin Robbins at Banjara Hills,eating ice cream, was in fact unexpectedly a silent yet pleasant,subtle yet prized experience.And yes! Hopefully this dream (the ‘mysterious girl’ part) would stop pestering meΒ  for good πŸ˜‰

2008!A whole hearted ode to a resurrected beginning ….

And oh ! Yeah ! The resolutions

  1. Finish the story of the dream head ( you better do … lest you invest everything in high risk futures instead of safer endeavors! Huh!What the hell was that ? I ..I …. )
  2. Stop drinking (now that is left open to your interpretation)
  3. Treat girls like girls even if they are like ______ (Feel free lads ! Fill it up as suited to your context πŸ˜€ )
  4. If you like the dress say it (say it !Dont think ! Say it out aloud !Announce in the mike , you bloody moron!)
  5. Learn to play basky and volley (mission impossible ?!!?)
  6. Show no mercy towards Spawn as far as playing bad-ass is concerned πŸ˜‰ (Hahaha! Vasanimation !!!)


Quote of the day :

“If you believe God makes miracles, then Satan might also have a few up his sleeve”

— Dexter (season 2)


ps: Contrary to Hyd’s weather, its coldest in January here.And the mist is spooky !! Perfect for a ghostly jog πŸ˜‰

3 responses to “2007 -> 2008 : Lights! Camera!! Action!!!

  1. yeah that would be the ending strategy ..spawanimation would be the problem analysis πŸ˜‰

    spawnalysis -> spawanimation -> spawnervation -> spawnassination

  2. and finally… `being spwned by spawn`. That would be the best thing for babs.
    And then every one can kick maams ..that will be fun !! πŸ˜› Ooops ! Did I say something wrong ??

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