Of being DrEaM-Headed

Had a dream last night ….. gud ol’ abbulugadu shrank back to a 10-yr old.

Dad just comes back(he was much younger) from work n sez …”Orey abbulu ga …. see what I bought for us …..”.We go out and me pleasantly surprised to see a brand new car ….. something like the one they show in one of the bond flicks.

Then dad lifts me up n tosses me in the back seat and takes a seat alongside.”Hey dad! Whos gonna drive?”
“I will”

“But …”

“Wait n watch ra …abbuluga!!”

(Oh! That reminded me….abbulu was the name my dad conjured up for me when I was 5 …… tch!tch!means s.th. like funny little fellow .Its been many long yrs ….. but the affability associated with it never palls away 🙂 ….now back to the dream-description ….. )

Dad takes a remote like in the James bond movie n starts driving the car ….. the ride was one helluva experience !!The car started flyin’ and dad took me to strange lands with goblins,fairies,teddy-bears ….Oh my gosh!!Now I lactually sound like a de-facto 10-yr old :))

Then dad vanished…the car vanished…..I am a 15-yr old …..and oh no!! Its her …her again …..

To me she’s X
My dream ..a perplex…

I run behind her …faster than I ran in the races 🙂 …..I shout …
“Oye!! I am sorry ..I didn’t mean to …”
She didn’t respond …. but the howling of the wind sounded like ….
“Shut up !!”
(I dont remember when ….but this happened before when I was 15 ..though I am not able to recall exactly when)

The glory of the sky returned …the rainbows came back …..I was 20 again back to my present form .Then it began to dawn upon that head of mine that I am in a dream …

“What if u r dreaming ….and never wake up …how will you know that you r dreaming ”
-Morpheus in “The Matrix”

There she is again ….. but oye!! I see mom too …but only a faint image like he holograms in Star Wars .

“Harish!! Dont get entangled in that mindset …..Its not true !! But if something’s bothering you you can talk to mummy”

Mom’s image vanishes …. and there she is …. coming to me ….I see her ….I am conjuring her face up …. its like the dream is in my control …..

“Oye!Harish Baba! How r u?”

“I told you to call me harish or even better, abbulu ”

“Okie :)) ”

“So wassup? Hey!! Tell me onething ..Do u still hate me …for the 10th thing”

“What u did was wrong ..Harish….I am sure even ur mom told u that”

“I am sorry …bizarre though it may sound after all these yrs”

“I never hated u ra …”

She smiles and vanishes ….and everything with her ….I wake up ..time’s 6:30AM ..time for PT….but ammamma (granma) once said
“Dreams that r manifested in the morning might come true ra chinna ”

I dont understand why but evry good dream gets firmly etched in that mind of mine no matter what the order of perplexity (whether zero or infinity) is ……. n I live in its hang-over trying to interpret it … for the rest of the day !! :-O


PS : But I know somewhere inside that steely heart of mine ..I feel at peace ..with a hope that I will be forgiven for what I did 6 yrs ago 😀

6 responses to “Of being DrEaM-Headed

  1. Come on good ol’ abbulu ..
    Tell us what did you do to her !

    Now dont be shy and reveal the truth to the entire world ..


  2. to anony.

    ayyo !! dont get ideas on the sly dooD .Did nothing … just a little emotional kind of thing …. no big deal :-O

  3. You must have done something otherwise y will u remember even now ? do u have a crush on her


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  6. okay.. this is a place for a comment..!!! so commenting.. /* */

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