“The Last Conversation” – Episode 3: The Grim Society

Continued from “The Last Conversation” Episode 2 – Answers and Justfications

The story so far: Vikram.H.Saha was a self made millionaire and businessman. He was visited by a very queer lecturer from his younger days. The ghostly old man seemed to know intricate details about Vikram and his wife. And then he mentioned something else .. about a “society of the wishing deaths” . And so …

Episode 3

“Well! The Society of the Wishing Deaths ! We can kill a person just by wishing him dead.”

Mr.Raghavan went like this … Hear me out, dear lad! Have you heard of the famous construction builder Mr.Prabhakaran ? He died last week! Thanks to our society !!”

Vikram stopped.Are these guys a killer gang or something ? The mafia perhaps ?

“No we are not the mafia as many might think we are …” he said as if he read Vikram’s mind. We dont resort to illegal activities. We rather do something that some of the lower intellectual level call supernatural. Well we just wish them dead.And if you want someone dead you join our society..We are a society which gets together at pre determined times every day and together just mentally, non-verbally, wish someone dead.The collective focus of our thoughts, of our will kills that person.”

Vikram almost laughed,”You expect me to believe that works ? ” But he thought inside …

Having such an oddity of a conversation perhaps triggered something else. Hema ! Somehow things seem to be coming to his head in a different perspective.A hidden animus towards the only woman Vikram ever loved. It occurred to him many times that she didnt love him, would not stand up for him like he would for her. But he never allowed those thoughts to materialize fully.

“Yes Vicky!” said Raghavan.”You have to. What we do is collectively wish for his death everyday for several months.And exactly in six months he/she is found dead by absolutely accidental or natural circumstances.
In fact, on the day the “collective wishing” begins, we make it a point to tell that target person too.”

“What ?” Vikram found it amusing.”Why would you tell a person you want to kill that you want him dead?”

“Because there’s a scientific argument to this too. A person knows that hundreds of people believing in one little thing, your death and are praying for it everyday. This is something that plays on his mind.Irrespective of whether the target believes it or not, it plays to his psyche and breaks his soul. So as the claimed death-date approaches, he becomes so weak internally that he dies … ”

“Sounds ridiculous!” Vikram said, “Then how do you explain the construction contractor, Prabhakar’s death by his ceiling fan falling on him.” (reference : death described in the Prologue)

“Well! We have an explanation for that.In case he is a weak person, he just gives up on life and becomes psychologically weaker.But if it is a mentally strong person, he would fight the thoughts. And because of that overwhelming premonition, he beocmes more and more aggressive to the point of 100% impulsive behaviour, like a child who fights hard for his chocolate or cake.So thats what happened in Prabhakar’s case …. he acted like a stupid kid by dangerously swinging around his rod which he used as a weapon. He recklessly swung it so much that he accidentally hit his own ceiling fan this causing it to fall on him.”

“But the ceiling fan was loosely hinged!” said vikram.

“My explanation … because he was too tensed up as Jan 27th approached.He was too occupied thinking about or rather fighting that thought, that premonition …. to think of basic things like geting a ceiling fan repaired”

Vikram snickered, “Aha! You are just using things that already happened and somehow linking them up to justify your reasoning !”

But as he spoke why are thoughts about Hema coming to his head …

( how is his wife related to this entire fiasco ? Find out in the next episode)

6 responses to ““The Last Conversation” – Episode 3: The Grim Society

  1. If you trace back in history, you will find me as the creator of the society the prof. talked about. And everything starts with you…. your death. muhahahah!

    I would be savior to all those reading this blog.

  2. Dude, I thought this story was gonna be a dead rubber, but this episode definitely warmed things up. Nice concept, actually. Waiting for the next part.

  3. @ dan
    i wil throw a word in the credits dont worry 🙂

    @ aniket:
    saale! Editor ho gaya tho hero ban raha hain kuch zyaada hi analysis karke 😛

  4. hmm…. should I feel elated?

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  6. The Grim society! What a concept dude ! Like the pseude counterpart to a hooligan ‘hit man’ gang

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