The experience

It was quiet out there

With me filling  application forms

Those cliche’ formalities and norms

The night was calm and bare

I fell asleep … too tired to care

Dreaming of  market-crisis … I throw up

Crazy Theories …  To say its all over

Would  I even afford a lawn mower  ? 😛

Was still writing an SOP, life’s sum-up

Wanted pets … but can I afford a pup ?


Then I shifted dreamland to short term

Like a person hesitant of the future

Thoughts one not commended to nurture

Wondered like a crisis-struck IIMian pachyderm

If placements would see the brand still firm


“Conspiracy theories you have” … one said

“Out there . learning curve has  value now”

But still, the uneasiness persists … Mr.know-how!

Am still  worried about butter and bread

And if I can afford imported marmalede spread  😉


Then I wake up to see the dawn

In a jog, I feel the morning gale

Like an innocent grace of a fawn

In sun, my face was no more pale

Cheered up inspite of the dreamy tale


Solution for this fear, I don’t have

But no point in being overly fearful

No solution for now that’s all suave

But the  morning jog  made me cheerful

Today’s break fast was so marmalede-full 😛


Again , now, it is quiet out there

With me filling  application forms

Those cliche’ formalities and norms

The morning is again calm and bare

I compose poetry … too charged to care

12 responses to “The experience

  1. Placements is going to be different this time (all pun intended !!! )

  2. Amazing poem!
    Liked it a lot. Nice description of feelings.

  3. Not bad !!! Not bad at all! Since when did you start feeling good for chotu motu things 😉

  4. Return of the poet !
    Girls like this better dabba why don’t you stick to this style for a change instead of the girl- bashing

  5. yeah same opinion as above comment

  6. PPP = pre-placement poetry 😛

  7. All the best for placements dude!

  8. Placements bring out the best in every writer.

  9. The mellow poet ! The “French” effect huh ? 😛

  10. I remembered your line . “yo! You gotto see the flow” whenever you write a poem 🙂

  11. hope the placement bug wont make you take a break from blogging … as it did for other back in college … !!

    anyways … all the best …

  12. Wishing you loads of luck!
    Sorry If I’m late! 😀

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