**The Metro Kolkatan Epic** Episode 3: Lord of the kachoris

The laws of my genetically inherited motion sickness didn’t fail to come back in repercussions. As I took the metro again. From tollygunge to Rabindra Sarobar to Kalighat to J.D.Park to Rabindra Sadan and boooom !!! The motion sickness returns …To retribute my defiance of it by the metro travelling

So I got down at Rabindra Sadan, an area famous for the St.Paul’s cathedral and the rotary club of Kolkata. Anyway …

I went to this big Haldiram out let and ordered a Raj Kachori. The French girl seemed to be scared because of the inner constituents of this magnificient Indian answer  to the McDonalds bugger. Reminded her of vomit (ha ha ha !!! )

Raj Kachori

And then I came to know that there is this queer French dish called Tartiflette (picture shown below) . I must say looked like a Raj Kachori with the outer part removed. Hence,I concluded that it is patriotic favoritism and not exactly the European paranoia at Indian junk food. Hmm ..like it matters anyway .. 😛


Verse of the day:

And so I ate the Kachori lord

That generally generates a big fat bod

Similar is this amusing thingie, the  tartiflette

Supposedly  loved by every French brunette


Va te faire fouttre?

It means “wtf” in French

Both are anyway bad for your diet

I have no idea what more to write  !! 😛


(and the metro-kolkatan saga continues ….  )

3 responses to “**The Metro Kolkatan Epic** Episode 3: Lord of the kachoris

  1. hmm … more like lord of cuisine marketing to me

  2. I dont think u can compare our Raj Kachori with the french Tartifletts ……………. they are as different as two dishes can ever be ………… one is dahi and other is cheese …………… may be the cow is common between the two …….. [:D]

  3. lol at “Kachori lord”
    agree with Parinita: holy cow!! how can you compare those!!

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