EXABLOG : The post in the middle of exams :O

Almost as if the deja vu’ of the previous post would hit right back at me. Behavioral Science (BS) examination done.1hr..60 questions ..multiple choice …1 mark for each right answer and -0.5 marks for each wrong answer. :O If Mojo Jojo (of the Powerpuff Girls cartoon fame) had been writing the exam he would shout ” CURRRR SESSSS”

There are already quite a few couples among the first year PG students.And some of them read my ol’ IIITian gossip poems .Now they are scared that I would make insensitive compositions about them !! As if I have no other work at Joka Land x( …

Anyhow there’s a bandh in Kolkata for the next 2 days.So the exams are postponed by two days.The next two days shall be spent …err… studying,filling forms and $^#$^#^$^#$^$ (censored) !!! πŸ˜€

The movie , American Gangster is a decent flick.Russel Crowe has become fat and jelly like with an incredble paunch.?(The movie is slated for relaese on Nov 2nd , 2007 .But I already have a DVD print πŸ™‚ )

Mr.TS thinks I am like that Tyson guy in the Happy days movie. Anyway Happy Days is nothing more than a trite celluloid piece of work.But whose hype-levels outran the actual quality of the movie.Just your usual piece of college stuff with new faces.

Some good ones from the abbulu case files :

For adventure fans : The Hounds of Gachibowli

For philosophy fans : (arguably funkier than most of devansh posts πŸ˜› ) : IV loves this one πŸ™‚


ps : Now that I am into Dramatics , can say that Abhishek Bacchhan and Mahesh Babu have a similar style of acting.Dare you to notice it. πŸ˜›

ps1 : Tomorrow is 30th October ! I tossed a coin and decided πŸ˜‰

ps2 : Why are people at the place where I left my soul getting so senti all of a sudden.Should n’t they be thinking of Felicity’08 instead ?

ps3 : Me in business formals is creating quite a ruckus in orkut …trust me! I myself almost threw up the first time ! And there are some lords of unimaginable sarcasm who say that I look innocent and all !! Baaaaah ….

ps4 :I will never understand the credibility of the Economic Times’ corporate awards.

ps5 : Chuck Norris at your service πŸ˜€ !

PS6 : Mukesh Ambani = World’s richest man !

ps7 : Sorry for spoiling the fun , all ye Bleach fans ! But the latest update has Zaraki Kenpachi fighting the Arrancar! Its about time πŸ˜€

ps8 : Mind’s full of chaos ! Forcibly maintaining a calm demeanor on the outside though.

9 responses to “EXABLOG : The post in the middle of exams :O

  1. whoz getting senti?

  2. @ karan :
    light hearted Statement made wrt aniket’s and himank’s latest posts πŸ™‚

  3. @ abbulu reg. revealing stuff to ppl yet to read latest manga publications :
    Ass hole !! x(

  4. tyson frm happy day eh ?? donno …
    but wht bout tyson frm Fight Club ??

  5. U mean TYLER durden , the new age prophet πŸ˜‰ ??

    I was the first to come up with the fight club concept in apna IIIT ..so fine I agree ..Lol

  6. oh i didn’t realize that i hadn’t commented yet.

    fight club rocks. just saw it again.

  7. I read your “IIIT’s very own” series recently. Though I couldn’t get most of it,I am surprised that your IIITian junta didn’t crucify you for writing those poems

    And those dark side posts (with protected password) are BAD ASS , dude ! :O (now u know who I might be πŸ˜‰ )

  8. absheik bachan sucks ass !!

  9. How come u blog during the most hectic of times :O

    Does that mean you are going to throw a barrage of your typical posts in the following week ?

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